Is Your Flat Iron Breaking Your Hair?

For many of us, hair irons are like coffee, we can't start the day without it. New research says that damage caused by hair irons can actually make hair frizzier and curlier resulting in a straightening cycle that can eventually cause hair to appear thin and dull.

Although hair is very strong, high heat, like that from a flat iron, will damage the cuticle of the hair, or the hard outer protective coating on each strand. Repeated straightening can cause the cuticle to breakdown altogether. This starts as split ends but can eventually reach all the way up the hair, resulting in the strand breaking off. More and more women are reporting signs of hair loss but, the truth is, their hair is just breaking off due to their flat iron addiction.

We know what you're thinking, “But I use heat protecting products on my hair!” According to experts, although heat defense products do partially reduce the damage, your hair is still affected if you iron your hair every day.

So what should you do if your hair has been damaged? First of all, lay off the iron for a little while. Treat frizz with a trim instead of reaching for the iron. Sleeping on silk pillowcases can help prevent frizz and split ends by locking in hair's natural oils. Try using boar bristle brushes that don't contain metal prongs and use lots of conditioner!

Do any of you have straightening tips? What do you do when you're taking a break from your flat iron?

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    I have a flat iron by Cortez and I love it. I have Chi curling irons and I'm concerned because some of the coating has come off and I don't if this is doing more damage to my hair because I still use it. I am having some breakage so I try not to use either every day.

  • raboan
    Posted on

    My Brilliance New York flat Iron was only brilliant for the first two weeks. My hair is breaking off and after 2 months I had to cut it off. I tried to bring it to the mall stand where I purchased it and they basically told me "Sorry about your luck" I then called customer service at BNY and they said because I purchased this from an independent vendor there was nothing they could do for me. I feel like I got ripped off! I am also reminded of this every time I look at my hair!

  • Kelly
    Posted on

    I'm using the new Brilliance New York '1 Memory iron that has amazing mirror plates that give me an extra shine to my hair. very satisfied with this item especially because I live in Florida with the humidity.

  • Michaela
    Posted on

    I love my straitner its amazi ng and has gave me no problems yet it is a great product and i recomend it

  • Shayanne
    Posted on

    I have 2 of these irons they are absolutely AMAZING!! BETTER THAN ANY IRON IVE EVER USED!!! There customer service was also a very big help for me!They really know how to make there customers happy! I would really recommend any of there irons! ohh and also there hair serum is to die for!!!

  • Yui
    Posted on

    I purchased a brilliance new york diamond curling iron. It worked fine the first two times I used it. The third time it would not work at all. The light comes on but there is NO HEAT. I've contacted them regarding this issue but I haven't heard back yet. It seems to me they are selling faulty products and have inefficient customer service. I am extremely unhappy with this company and I suggest anyone who is thinking of buying hair irons to look elsewhere.. Somewhere more RELIABLE.

  • Tina Faye
    Posted on

    I have fine, wavy hair that tends toward dryness and frizziness. I use about a dime-sized amount of the Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Protectant on wet hair and then air-dry. I end up with shiny, wavy, frizz-free hair, which is amazing since I've tried pretty much every frizz-fighter around. Also, after a month I noticed my hair is breaking a lot less and overall looking healthier. Plus, the smell is amazing. Great product!

  • Daisy
    Posted on

    Me and my daughters have been been using the 2" Diamond Iron for about 2 weeks now. We use it the 5 days of the week and the weekend we like to have our natural curls. Unfortunately, ever since we have been using this iron, our natural curls are GONE!!!!! we wash our hair, and its completley straight... WHY? this wasn't the purpose of purchasing this flat iron.

  • Ronda
    Posted on

    To Erin your hair fell out not because BNY. Your hair was already damaged. From all the chemicals and heat you put in your hair before using BNY. I am a customers also of BNY and I did not have the problem.

  • Erin gray
    Posted on

    Dear brilliance new york. Your "diamond dust technology" just cost me 6 inches of hair due to damage, and i only used it about 2ce a week. I will be contacting your company to register my complaint.

  • Iron Alternatives
    Posted on

    Sally, try a keratin treatment. I've heard they make it so you don't need to use the iron as much. Plus, they really cut down on frizz in humid climates. I've had friends who've gotten Japanese straightening and keratin, and they like Japanese better for straightening, but keratin better for frizz-control.

  • Brilliance New York
    Posted on

    Brilliance New York is a brand new company that takes this very issue to heart. We have studied this to an exact science and we have found technology that helps with this very issue. Its Diamond Dust. Its an natural heat conductor that dispurses the heat evenly and helps protect the hair from damage a normal flat iron can do. check us out. We are on Facebook and

  • sally
    Posted on

    I know its dangerous, but I live in a very humid climate and can not deal with the frizz - are some irons safer than others?

  • Gina B.
    Posted on

    i try to not use my flat iron on the weekends. the two days of rest seem to help it a bit. also, if i sleep with a deep-conditioning mask one day a week, i wake up with much better hair.

    Posted on

    I love my GHD's which are for sure a very powerful set of Hot Irons! I try when using them not to start from the top and pull so much but more mid way and then gently straighten the top. Inbetween I use thick,luxurious masks for my hair like Aveda's Damage control mask. I feel it helps repair and smooth the frizz.

  • Jessie
    Posted on

    There are some weeks when I can tell my hair can't take any more heat...on those weeks I use a leave-in conditioning spray (my favorite is Ojon's Revitalizing Mist). I just wash, spray and go.

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