Stop the Search: I've Found The World's Best Night Cream

Photo Credits: Yuliya Yafimik / Shutterstock

I wouldn't call myself a wizard, but I do possess one very mind-boggling power: every winter, I magically transform from a somewhat-hydrated human to a scaly, dried-out sea monster. Perhaps others who also spend time in less-than-mild winter climates can relate: the supple skin on my cheeks, chin and forehead goes white as a ghost and begins to flake until I look more like an ailing fish than a beauty writer.

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I've found little to remedy the tender, wind-chapped skin on my face, until now. IT Cosmetics is my knight-in-shining-blue-jar and has completely revitalized my cold-weather routine. Their new Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep ($54) is ultra hydrating and is so whipped and light, it feels like diving into a soft duvet, fresh from the dryer. Despite its lighter-than-air feel, Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep packs a major punch and works like a heavier moisturizer.

A little background first: my skin skews "normal" to oily (mostly concentrated in my T-zone) and many nighttime lotions cause my skin to break out without really helping with hydration. Usually my go-to morning routine in the winter months involves a gentle exfoliating acid, hydrating face oil, and then a thicker and perhaps barrier-strengthening lotion. At night, I bring out the big gun: some type of overnight, wildly-heavy jar mask that usually ends in one or two blemishes and a quite a few blackheads.  

For a full week, I've slathered this beauty from IT Cosmetics on before bed and haven't had to worry about any greasy or oily sensations and each morning, my pillow showed no evidence of transfer. Know that a little goes a long, long way though, so just a thin layer is all that's needed (this also helps prevent any residual formula in the morning—both on the skin and the sheets). During this time too, my face has endured less pimples and feels firm, though that might just be wishful thinking. 

Not to mention, my skin shedding has been stopped dead in its tracks. According to the brand, the moisturizer has hyaluronic acid, which acts as a humectant to literally draw water into the skin, and ceramides, which support the skin barrier and help prevent moisture loss. Those who are fragrance-sensitive beware: it does have a strong lavender scent, meant to promote relaxation, which is lovely, but could definitely irritate certain skin types. 

The only downside of Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep for me? My throat is sore from shouting it from the rooftops: this nighttime skin restorer is a game-changer!