The Two-Second Step Victoria Beckham Says Brightens Her Skin

Photo Credits: David M. Benett / Contributor/ Getty Images

She’s traded in the flashy outfits for couture, but 44-year-old Victoria Beckham still has Posh Spice skin. 

Genetics and access to top derms and estheticians likely play a role in her complexion’s gleam, but Beckham recently took to her Instagram stories to share a product, and surprising step, she relies on to keep things bright at home. “I use this P50 lotion after I have cleansed and washed my face,” she says of the cult-classic Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 ($101). “I just use it on a little bit of cotton ball all over my face and neck.” She’s not the first to rave about the glow-inducing power of the French liquid, but we have yet to hear about the step that follows.

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“Then I make sure that I rinse if off with cold water before applying my moisturizer because it can be quite drying.” Aside from keeping the exfoliating toner from overdrying her skin, a splash of cold water is also beloved for quickly boosting circulation in the face to add an instant glow. 


The potion may be a little drying, but it doesn’t stop Beckham from singing its praises. “I find that this is great; I use it once a week. It exfoliates and brightens,” she says. But the jet-setting entrepreneur has another use for the "facial in a bottle." “It’s also good when you’ve just gotten off an airplane and you want to get all of the nasty germs off of your face. But like I said, it’s always good to really rinse your face with cold water once you have used this before using a moisturizer.”