This Two-Step System Eliminates Crepey Skin in 2 Weeks and May Be Ulta's Best-Kept Secret

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I don’t know about you, but anything with the nickname “elephant skin” is not welcome on my body. Unfortunately, because our skin naturally becomes thinner as less taut as we get older, crepey skin is a way of life.

For a long time, radio-frequency treatments and surgery have been the best ways to fix the paper-like texture—especially when it surfaces after a significant weight loss—but those can be costly, leave scars and take some time before you see any significant results you’re proud to show off.

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Crepe Erase, a topical skin care line completely devoted to erasing all signs of crepey skin, is here to change things. The two products in this Anti-Aging Starter Kit ($50), the Exfoliating Body Polish and Intensive Body Repair Treatment, will both available at Ulta stores nationwide next month and are proven to completely change the way your skin looks in close to no time at all. (You can also purchase each product separately once you run out.)

The secret lies in the brand’s TruFirm complex, a cocktail of plant extracts that promote healthy collagen and elastin levels in the skin for a better, younger-looking appearance. Coupled with no-joke exfoliators (both physical and AHA exfoliators remove dead skin cells for a better penetration of ingredients), emollients, natural oils and antioxidants, skin is able to look years younger in a few weeks—yes, weeks—time.

Image/ Crepe Erase. Results shown after two weeks of applying the Exfoliating Body Polish and Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair Treatment twice a day to the underarm area.

If the products' quick ability to turn back the clock isn't enough, the brand also offers a money-back guarantee (you can return the bottles, even if they're empty, if you’re not totally satisfied after 60 days), meaning the only thing you're at risk of losing is your unwelcome "elephant skin" once and for all. 

  • Kerrie
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    Why do you post products on here that we can't get in Australia? Its frustrating.

  • Patsy
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    Bunch of baloney. Used it as directed and saw next to nothing changed.

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