Microshading Is the Next Level Brow Treatment for Oily and Sensitive Skin

By now we’ve all heard of microblading, the eyebrow treatment that creates super fine, hair-like strokes using semi-permanent pigment that provides a long-term fix for thinning or sparse eyebrows. Now, that same treatment has gotten a bit of an upgrade that involves using a similar technique, but with a different form of application. This new treatment is called microshading and some experts believe it’s better suited for those with oily and sensitive skin or thicker eyebrows that only require a bit of shaping.

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Brow expert Nadia Afanaseva of Eye Design New York says that the difference between microblading and microshading is in the tools she uses and the way she applies the pigment to the skin. “Microshading, often referred to as the 'Shadow Effect,' gives the brow a gradient appearance with small pin-point dots. Similar to microblading, microshading is also applied manually using special needles,” she says.

When recommending a treatment to her clients, Afanaseva says she takes into account the type of skin they have to determine whether or not the pigment will last longer using one technique over the other. “Microblading leaves tiny, natural-looking hair-strokes, whereas microshading leaves small, pin-point dots. I recommend microshading for clients with oily skin because the microshading technique takes better to their skin type.”

For those who are looking for a subtler look, Afanaseva says she also provides a service that delivers the same long-lasting results, but with a more muted look. “I also provide clients with a third option called the 'Powder Effect,' which is a gentler permanent makeup technique that’s applied using a delicate machine. With this technique I also use tiny dots to gradually build color and define shape.”

Just like with microblading, microshading results can last anywhere from one to three years, but Afanseva advises her clients to return for a touch up every year to refresh their brow shape and color.

  • Anne
    Posted on

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but this has been around for many years. Tattooing was originally done by hand for thousands of years. As far as permanent makeup goes, people have invented different names for the same effects. With social media this spreads like wildfire. Basically you can create hairstrokes or fill for eyebrows with machine or hand tools. Depending on what the client wants, it is not something new in this industry.

  • Christine
    Posted on

    I think your readers would also be interested in knowing that the particular service is upwards of two thousand dollars! I went to Eye Design. Met Nadia, could not afford her. Spent $1100 just for microblading, including touch-up. Its been about 4 months, I guarantee it won’t even last a year.

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