How Miranda Kerr Lifted and Tightened Her Face Before Her Wedding

Such a magical day 😍❤️😍

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Known for looking picture-perfect at every turn, Australian-born Miranda Kerr may just be dropping photos of her wedding dress now (she married Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel in May), but we’d wait forever to find out how she got her skin to look so flawless as she said, “I do” (and every other day). Lucky for us, Kerr not only let us in on her skin and makeup secrets for the wedding, but she also released a video on how the exact makeup look was created, along with the skin care steps she relied on leading up to the big day.

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“Once my face is cleansed, I then mist all over with the Kora Rose Balancing Mist,” Kerr shares in the video. Though a heavy hand of Kora, Kerr's own skin care line, is far from an unexpected guest within her regimen, what might surprise you is what comes next. Kerr explains that the Balancing Mist serves a dual purpose because she uses it right before reaching for her NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device ($325), describing the tool as a “lifting machine that needs to be activated with water or gel” (she uses it along her jawline, cheekbones and right under her brow bone, pulling upward toward her hairline).

The FDA-approved device harnesses the power of microcurrents to “lift” and strengthen facial muscles for a contoured look, similar to how we work out our muscles at the gym. It can sting for a bit, but it shows visible results in less than 20 minutes of use. It’s no wonder why Kerr reached for this high-tech must leading up to her big day.  

To view her entire skin and makeup routine, watch the full video below. 

  • Sarah Hicken
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    Such a very talented young woman. It's kinda tough to do some makeup on your own. Most of the celebrities have their own wedding makeup artist during their special day.

  • Leslie B
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    For what it's worth: A young girl like Miranda should not be worrying about a tight face. Youth provides that naturally. Should one choose to use any of the products that claim to tighten the face, please don't pull your skin the way she is doing in the main photo. Pulling your skin over the course of years will slacken it before it's time. Whenever working around the eye area or even on your eyes -- for instance, when removing makeup -- always be gentle with your skin.

  • jen
    Posted on

    I thought you could only use a gel as a conductor with the Trinity? If it's true that you can use a mist it would be great because the gel is always so messy to remove not to mention just an added expense.

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