Brow Wigs Are the Newest No-Effort Technique Here to Replace Microblading

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Time and time again, we’ve been told (and experienced firsthand) that filling in and shaping your brows is the quickest way to create the illusion that you’re wearing more makeup than you actually are while also appearing younger and more awake, which are just a few reasons why the microblading technique picked up so much steam in such a short amount of time. The trend, which consists of tiny needles depositing pigment beneath the skin like a tattoo to create ultra-thin, hair-like marks for a semipermanent brow solution, might have to take a back seat to the newest option on the market: brow wigs, “stickers” comprising real hair that are made to look like a perfectly shaped, filled-in brow.

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Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo—he’s worked on faces like Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry—shared this video of a woman receiving one of these wigs, and since posting the clip, it’s racked up almost 65,000 views—for a good reason: The brow “toupees” deliver the most true-to-life results available, don’t require any needles and are available in different styles, colors and thicknesses to perfectly match your hair, face and overall aesthetic. While these types of stick-on brows have been introduced to help cancer patients regain their self-esteem—Volition Beauty’s Mission Brows Eyebrow Replacement ($49) was created for this very purpose—it seems like we’ll be seeing a lot more of these undeniable brow solutions for everyone.  

  • Donna
    Posted on

    How long do they stay on, and can u reuse them?

  • kmginteriors
    Posted on

    I checked the Volition Beauty's site for the Mission Brows Eyebrow Replacements and it looks like they only offer 2 hair color choices and 1 brow style. Is this all they provide? If so, will they be offer more selections and/or are there other companies that offer more options? It's a great Idea for cancer patients who have lost their eyebrows.

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