Science Just Confirmed That Eating This Dessert for Breakfast Can Make You Smarter

We just got ahold of some crazy breakfast dos that will totally go against the grain of everything you were told as a child. Ready for this one? Researchers in Japan say that eating ice cream—the full-fat kind—for your first meal of the day will make you smarter.

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A new study was just released saying that—get ready for this—eating ice cream for breakfast can actually increase brain activity. As silly as it sounds, there’s some legit science behind the claims. Scientist Yoshihiko Koga of Kyorin Univeristy in Tokyo had a group of subjects eat ice cream before completing a series of computer-administered mental tests. Those who ate the ice cream after waking up performed better than those who didn’t and only had water.

In a perfect world, you could eat all the ice cream you wanted for breakfast and not have to worry about gaining any weight. But we all know that’s not going to happen. And while there may be evidence that the sweet treat is good for how your brain functions, there’s long-standing proof that does it absolutely nothing positive for your waistline