One Look at These Photos and You'll Think Twice About Tanning

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We know tanning beds are terrible for our skin (I'm honestly surprised they're still in business), but laying out in the sun on the beach or at the pool can do just as much damage over time. I still enjoy a good trip to the beach, but I'm the girl with the umbrella that attaches to my chair and shades my entire body (yes I get stares, but so what?). So when I saw Mags Murphy's Journey on Facebook, I knew it needed to be shared.

Murphy, an Irish woman living in Crete, Greece for the last 10 years, said in her Facebook post that she spent more than a decade tanning herself to "look good." Her thoughts: "Hey I'm brown I don't need high sun factor [SPF]." Unfortunately, it looks as though all those years of basking in the sun finally caught up with her. She discovered precancerous cells on her face, and for her treatment, she decided to try a topical cream called Efudex that attacks the precancerous cells and prevents them from multiplying.

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Murphy's Facebook page documents her experience using the treatment thus far (23 days and counting; the process should take about a month) and its intense side effects. Scroll through to see the jaw-dropping (and at times hard to look at) snapshots of her journey.

  • Nancy Rozs
    Posted on

    I've worked in dermatology at The Rendon Center in Boca Raton for almost a decade and our doctors would NEVER have a patient use efudex on the entire face at once OR longer than 2 weeks. The inflammation, pain and risk of infection alone is just too much to handle. She should have been monitored by a physician and guided Through this process. I've seen fantastic results when used properly.

  • HAH
    Posted on

    I applied it to my top lip for 2 weeks many years ago and it left a red tint on my top lip for years. Still shows up in some photos. Did a dr recommend you treat yourself that long? I hope you don't get the redness that I experienced. I agree with above comment, small areas at a time. Best of Luck and thanks for sharing your journey.

  • AnAhita
    Posted on

    So sorry this happened I will pray for recovery , sweet lady you had beautiful skin your Irish must be like Dew on Grass ..NEVER do that again..why do you think Middle East and African women are covered ? To keep the Sun off of them..

  • Kay Hackett
    Posted on

    I, too, have been a sun worshipper. The key to using efudex is to only apply it to small areas at a time. To apply it, say to your entire chest or face, can result in being almost unbearable in a couple of weeks.

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