Olay’s New Tool Tells You Exactly How Old Your Skin Looks—And Why

Olay just launched a tool that tells you the cold hard truth. Acting like a sister or a good friend, Skin Advisor analyzes a makeup-free selfie you submit and a short question set about your skin-care routine and preferences and tells you your “best” areas, “improvement” areas and exactly how old your skin actually looks—then includes product recommendations to help with the aforementioned areas.

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Sure, this can all easily be chalked up as a hoax, but there’s a serious amount of science backing the tool. The technology is based on a type of artificial intelligence called “deep learning”, which is inspired by the way our brains work with multiple cognitive layers to identify images. Basically, when we look at images over and over, our brains piece together each layer, understanding the fact that we have seen it before, then stores the information internally and uses the memory to better assess the next similar image that it sees (Facebook uses this same type of intelligence to identify and auto-tag your friends in the photos you post).

The tool stands on a database of tens of thousands of images of faces that Olay inputted into the system in order for the technology to understand what a woman’s face looks like at any age. Once your selfie is uploaded and your skin-care questions are answered, Skin Advisor hones in on five “key aging zones”: the forehead, cheek, chin, crow’s feet and under-eye, before determining your “best” and “improvement” areas (and just when you thought it couldn’t get any more honest, the tool also looks at images of women 10 years younger than your “skin age” to find out what’s holding you back from looking like that). Once everything is assessed, the last step is recommending the right Olay products that match both your skin type and concerns.

While we’ve seen our fair share of apps that deliver a unique beauty experience, this one is finally paving the way for women to embrace aging and its undeniable nature while holding the door open to the great world of anti-aging skincare. Read about our favorites tips to tackle aging here.  

  • Rosemary
    Posted on

    Wow...apparently I look more than 10 years older than what I am. I didn't realize I was looking so rough.

  • Solitasoa
    Posted on

    Great, Olay Skin Advisor says that I look 12 years younger than my age. My forehead is my youngest looking area whereas my eyes need some improvement.

  • FJP82075
    Posted on

    I just took the Olay Skin Analysis & it said that my skin age is 31. I'm thrilled with these results because I just turned 41 in August! I've always had good skin & would receive many compliments but when I was 38 or 39 I started to notice changes in my skin like dryness (especially my under eye area), fine lines under my eyes & the beginnings of crows feet. Right before my 41st birthday I noticed that my skin isn't as firm as it used to be &, the absolute bane of my existance, facial hair! Ugh! But I've been adhering to a strict anti-aging skincare regimen (with a lot of research, trial & error) for the past year & a half.

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