35 Wellness Gifts to Help Anyone Master Self-Care

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35 Wellness Gifts to Help Anyone Master Self-Care featured image

Wellness is a lifestyle. For that friend who can’t get enough self-care—something we should all be leaning into—these gifts look after the mind, body and soul.

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Moon Juice Cosmic Cocoa ($30)

Hot cocoa season is upon us, and Moon Juice has the perfect way to spice up the classic drink. The delicious hot chocolate helps boost mood and libido, hydrate skin and relieve stress. If you need us, we’ll be sipping on this until the cold weather passes.

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Ember Red Travel Mug ($200) 

This smart heated mug enables you to set an exact drinking temperature for up to three hours of perfect coffee or tea sipping. It’s a great gift for anyone who like to take their self-care sipping on the go. Additionally, Ember Red Edition supports global health programs, so you’re also doing a bit of good when shopping.

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Esker The Travertine Plantable Candle ($85)

After about 75 hours of burning a relaxing woodsy scent, this candle can transform into a home for your favorite plant. The candle comes in a reusable pot with a soil pack and dust cover containing culinary seeds for a zero-waste candle-turned-planter.

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Hill House the Women’s Hotel Robe ($125)

A robe is essentially the uniform of self-care, so you need one that’s as pretty as it is comfy. This robe will have you feeling as though you’ve woken up in a luxe hotel and thrown on the plush robe provided. Hill House is well-known for its Nap Dresses, so it’s no surprise this gorgeous robe is a hit.

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LARQ Bottle PureVis ($99)

Water is a key component to wellness and if you don’t love your water bottle you may end up slipping on consumption. LARQ is the first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system in one so crisp, clean water is at your fingertips at all times.

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D.S. & Durga Portable Xmas Tree ($65)

You’ll want to burn this balsam fir and spruce-based candle all year long to transport you back to the joyful holiday memories you make while burning it this season. This candle supplies all the joy of Christmas tree scents without the stress of clean up.

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Alo Moves ($20 a month or $199 a year)

Between yoga, fitness, mindfulness and skill classes, you won’t be bored with this app anytime soon. New workouts are added daily, with over 3,000 already ready to go. World-class instructors teach everything from Pilates to meditation, and it can all be at your fingertips, even when you’re away from WiFi.

Alo Moves
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Casper Weighted Blanket ($75)

A weighted blanket from the comfy cozy mattress company Casper is the perfect relaxing gift for a friend or yourself. It’s designed to promote a calming feel for those with anxiety. They have a range of weights so you can choose what’s right for you. The chic colors, like Fireside and Dusty Rose, give this weighted blanket an edge over all the others so it can sit pretty on your couch or bed when it’s not in use.

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HigherDOSE Deck the Bathroom Bundle ($119)

We’re not kidding when we say this bundle has everything you need to turn your mood around. Serotonin Soak is a bath product designed to pull toxins out, relax your mind and boost your mood. Get Salty is a topical magnesium spray that proactively replenishes the skin with electrolytes before you sweat them out. Healing Oil helps deepen your detox and heat up your core temperature for a more severe sweat. Try all of these at once on a self-care day, or try a little each evening for calmer weeknights.

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Nodpod Weighted Eye Mask ($34)

So we’ve already discussed the weighted blanket—think of this as a weighted blanket for your eyes. This mask adds gentle pressure to promote more restful sleep, really taking the average eye mask up a notch.

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Tovala Smart Oven (Oven: $299; Meal subscriptions vary)

One of the smartest innovations we’ve gotten our hands on this year, this time-saving, scan-to-cook countertop oven removes all guesswork (and excuses) from creating healthy meals at home.

Simply select your chef-created meals on the corresponding app and follow the short list of prep instructions (which will take no more than a minute and involve zero dirty dishes).

Then, use the scanner on the oven to read the meal’s QR code (this instructs the machine what to do) and let the oven do the rest. No temperature-setting, meal-prepping or timing necessary.

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Better & Better Bamboo Sonic Gift Set ($80)

Dental care might seem like a trivial gift, but we promise this brand turns brushing your teeth into a wellness moment. Each toothpaste has vitamins in it that will be readily absorbed through the mouth for a quick boost of energy or some extra immunity. The bamboo sonic toothbrush is a more elegant take on an electric toothbrush to enhance your routine.

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Bala The Hourglass Roller ($49)

Take it back to the basics with this hourglass-shaped roller. It’s designed to improve alignment and flexibility and speed up recovery.

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The ORA Tea Experience ($90)

The healing power of tea has been used for ages. This collection was created by an acupuncturist—and based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The tea leaves are meant to help heal the body, mind and spirit through stress relief, digestive aid and more. Each is paired with a specially curated snack.

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Holiday Pocket Farmacy-Mindful ($65)

You’ll want to keep this little Pocket Farmacy with you everywhere you go. The science-backed essential oils promote emotional wellness. This collection contains blends that help you reflect, energize, unwind, find courage and feel connected. Simply reach for what you need.

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Loftie Clock ($149)

This “smart sleep assistant” offers everything from guided breathwork and meditation to curated playlists to help you drift off to bed. Come morning, a calming, two-phase alarm gently wakes you up.

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Lemme Supplements ($30 each)

Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s latest foray into wellness is a legit addition to any supplement routine. Currently offering an option for every need—energy, digestion, destress and focus—there’s something for everyone in this playful yet powerful lineup.

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Moleskin Wellness Journal ($30)

From manifesting goals to tracking exercises, this chic self-care notebook is a must for the loved one with a pen-and-paper affinity.

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T&N + SNOOZ White Noise Machine ($110)

Not in the market for an all-in-one, high-tech addition to your nightstand? This sleek, smart and user-friendly machine—it has three buttons total for late-night ease of use, but also offers an optional app—helps the fussiest and lightest of sleepers get deeper sleep, quick.

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ROSS J. BARR Calm Patches ($18)

Created by renown acupuncturist Ross Barr, these peel-and-stick patches help ease tension headaches and stress while ushering in more focus and calm. Rooted in Chinese medicine, each patch is powered by holistic ingredients such as Chuan-xiong, safflower and asarum.

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Tata Harper Maximalist Regenerating Cleanser ($195)

The only thing better than Tata Harper’s iconic Regenerating Cleanser is a supersized version of the green cult classic. Packed with exfoliating enzymes and pore-purging clay, this never-stripping cleanser is sure to become a favorite for glowy skin.

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LANSHIN Pro Gua Sha Tool ($129)

The ultimate gift for the gua sha–obsessed among us, this stunning, award-winning tool is crafted with Nephrite Jade and offers five different massage options for a truly transformative experience.

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SuperMush Daily Chill Mouth Spray ($27)

Packed with lavender and functional mushrooms including reishi and ashwagandha, this calming spray—it tastes like hibiscus and citrus—takes things down a notch in minutes.

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Klorane Smoothing and Soothing Eye Patches ($26 for seven sets)

Brighten the look of dark circles and fatigue in just 15 minutes with these cooling and calming eye gels that won’t slip down your face while you’re wearing them.

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LINNÉ Rise & Rest ($86)

Upgrade your loved one’s scent wardrobe with this aromatherapeutic rollerball duo. Apply RISE, infused with a bright, peppery citrus essential oil blend, when you need a jolt of energy. Reach for RISE, boasting elegant lavender, ylang ylang and frankincense, to help wind down and calm.

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The Anti-Anxiety Notebook ($38)

A road-guide to a calmer, more centered you, this created-by-therapists notebook utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to control stress and quiet anxiety, making it a perfect gift to help kickstart a more peaceful and intentional 2023.

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Fleur Marché Wellness Patches ($22 for four)

From deeper rest, more energy, help getting in the mood or serious pain relief, these single-use patches help target whatever your body is needing via 20mg of CBD and specific ingredient cocktails.

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Vitruvi Move Diffuser ($182)

Gone are the days of anchored diffusers. This cordless, chargeable option lets you tow your favorite essential oil blend with you from your desk to your nightstand and everywhere in between.

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Kin Euphorics High Rhode ($39)

Harnessing the power of adaptogens, botanics and nootropics, this feel-good cocktail—pour it over ice, serve it with lime or blend it with soda—promises bliss without any booze.

Photo Credits: Kin Euphorics
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WTHN Facial Cupping Kit ($40)

Bring the de-puffing benefits of traditional cupping sink-side with this easy-to-use duo that includes one large cup for tackling the cheeks and jawline and one small cup for the around the eyes and forehead.

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Bynacht Perfect Nacht White Noise Balm ($95)

Rub this rich balm on your pulse points (wrist, soles of feet and temples) and your chest and neck and breathe in. Its luxe blend of 100-percent pure vetiveria root, thymus leaf and bergamot essential oils work to keep wandering thoughts at bay for a more restful eight hours.

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NEOM Real Luxury Scented Candle ($52.50)

Rooted in luxury and the pursuit of wellness, London-based NEOM is an expert in all-things natural fragrance. Case in point: This hand-poured candle includes 24 potent essential oils including English lavender, Brazilian rosewood and jasmine to gently envelop a room and help you unwind.

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Supracor Stimulite Bath Mitt ($38)

Whether used dry or with a lather, this antifungal and antibacterial glove makes practicing lymphatic drainage and full-body exfoliation easy. Plus, it’s available in a range of hues and patterns to perfectly dress your shower. 

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The Well Clean Hands Sanitizer ($14 each)

These chic hand-sanitizing sprays allow us to stay safe while boosting our sense of calm or energy with blends of lavender and vetiver, pink peppercorn and grapefruit or bergamot and ylang ylang.

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Arrae Capsules ($48 each)

Wellness begins from within. These natural alchemy capsules target common concerns such as anxiety and bloating with ingredients you can actually pronounce. The best part: Both sets of supplements are designed to work almost immediately.

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