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Rhinoplasty disaster

Cost: 7500 in Austin, T area

r t said

While I had hoped to submit a glowing review for a surgeon as personable as Dr. Tjelmeland, the result of my rhinoplasty leaves me little choice but to issue a sober warning for anyone considering Meridian Surgery. I am a 45-year old male who sought Dr. Tjelmeland’s expertise in order to correct a deviated nose and to reduce a dorsal hump. His professional demeanor along with his experience performing “hundreds” of rhinoplasties left me feeling reassured. I submitted to surgery, and though my initial impression was not favorable I remained optimistic while I waited for the obligatory year to pass before issuing a verdict. Regrettably, 12 months later my appearance had improved little. Despite surgery and post-operative filler injections the deviation was still significant. The dorsal hump, which had always provided a fitting if exaggerated convex profile, had transmogrified into a concave slope with supratip. Furthermore, my nose had been reshaped, shortened and rotated up, giving it a decidedly pig-like appearance. Needless to say I never approved these design decisions nor was I made aware of their consideration beforehand. To make matters worse, during the first post-op appointment one week after surgery Dr. Tjelmeland quite forcefully yanked the surgical tape off in one swift move rather than peel it slowly and carefully, tearing with it skin/flesh and resulting in an indelible scar and pockmark as well as spots of discoloration, all of which still feature prominently 18 months later and show no further signs of improving. To be fair, Dr. Tjelmeland did provide one post-op filler application at no charge in an attempt to improve symmetry, and he offered to stitch up the pockmark free of charge but by that time I had become too disillusioned and fearful of further damage. Instead, I contacted Dr. Rod Rohrich, a world renown revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Dallas whose extensive experience and formidable expertise have rightfully earned him savant status. Dr. Rohrich was able to correct much of the damage, and after a depressing 18-month stretch I am at last beginning to recognize myself again. (I shall link to a separate review of Dr. Rohrich in the near future.) For those of you considering surgery, bear in mind that rhinoplasty is generally considered the most difficult cosmetic procedure, and you would do well to seek out the most experienced and skilled surgeon you can afford. In hindsight, my only regret is not having taken the time to fully appreciate the complexities of rhinoplasty prior to choosing Meridian Surgery.

Rhinoplasty sooner rather than later

L. Manso said

I had plastic surgery perfomed in my late 50s but also had my nose done too. My plastic surgeon did an amazing job making my nose look natural and refined. While it didnt bother me to the extent that i thought about it every day, my surgeon told me that getting it done earlier rather than later would be a good idea considering your nose grows with age. It was bigger than the average persons nose but nothing that would stand out in a crowd.  im extremely happy with my results

Nose job was a mistake

Carolina L. said

i always had problems with nose bleeds until a friend of a friend suggested i get a nose job to fix it. I had always thought i wanted a nose job anyways so i thought it was a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  it has been 3 months since my surgery and my nose looks great. I also havent had had a nose bleed since!

Love my new delicate nose

Reese F. said

I love my new nose! it was wide and unattractive before so i decided to have it thinned out and reduced slightly in size. I have a great doctor to thank for boosting my confidence!

Rhinoplasty- terrible experience

Anonymous Reader said

I had a rhinoplasty from a board-certified surgeon and it almost killed me. I don't wish my horror story on anyone!

Worth it for appearance sake

Lorie P. said

I was born with a gigantic nose and was always self-conscious about it. I was teased when i was younger and didnt feel pretty when i was older.  In high school, I was the girl that no one wanted to kiss or sit with at lunch.  The ugly duckling per day.  My parents refused to let me get a nose job as they said "You look pretty just the way you are" which made me feel worse because I simply did not agree (or at least on the outside based upon my appearance and profile).  

From the moment I became legal and had a job of my own, I saved every penny I could and at the age of 25, I had finally saved up enough money to "take the plunge".  Let me tell you, regardless of the pain (and boy was there pain) and family's disapproval, it was the best decision I ever made for myself.  

For the first time in my life, I'm happy with my appearance and walk with confidence and my head held high.

My face looks unbalanced

Anonymous Reader said

My doctor told me if i wanted a nose job  I might also need a chin implant to balance out my face. I didnt think this was necessary and i am now regretting it. i will probably have to go back to balance out my face bc it just doesnt look right. i recommned you discuss how other parts of your face will look when other parts are modified. 

Your face will change

Cost: 5600 in Seattle, WA area

Samara S. said

Getting a nose job was a very scary thing for me. I knew my face would be  different  so I made sure to talk with my doctor about how it would change. we discussed changse both with the front view and from my profile. While I love my new nose, I have seen a lot of noses that look unnatural. I was lucky enough (and dedicated enough to do research!) to have a great doctor... and now great results.


Disproportionate nose fixed

Cost: 5500 in Nashville, TN area

Jessica M. said

I love my new nose. Before my surgery my nose was completely out of proportion with the rest of my face. The doctor both reduced the size and rounded out the tip and it looks so natural! Do your research and find a great doctor and you will be happy you went through with it! 

love my new nose

Cost: 6800 in Miami, FL area

Elise K. said

I always felt my nose was slightler wider than it should be. When i was finally able to pay for it, I decided to get a nose job. Post-op went a lot smoother than i expeted with downtime only lasting about 3 weeks. Ofcourse I had swelling around my eyes and nose and a great deal of bruising. But all of this subsided by the third week. The only effect that was unexpected was a constant runny, stuffy feeling that seemed like it would never go away. Its been several months and I still love looking at my new slim nose. I am so pleased i finall went through with it! 

I love my profile now

Melissa G. said

My doctor chiseled the bump in the center of my nose but didn’t fix the tip where the cartilage was. He suggested I go under again so he could finish the job but I was too scared to undergo a second surgery. I like how my profile came out but would’ve rather had both corrected the first time. If I ever got over my fear of having the surgery again, I would definitely do it…just not with the same doctor. 


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