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filler in cheek

Cost: 650.00 in Mill Valley, CA area

sheila miller said

I loved my filler in the cheek area. I used SkinSpirit in Mill Valley, One of the nurses Thena has been injecting over 15 years and really gets it.


Cost: $475.00 in Carmel area

Amy Hunt said

Worst experience of my life! I am left with bruises all over my face. It was very painful too.

Dr. Patrick Byrne rocks

Cost: $1200.00 in Baltimore, MD area

Patricia Stevens said

My 71 year old face don't look it thanks to the best surgeon in Baltimore. Radiesse has been a life saver for cheeks along with Restylane for under eyes.


Cost: $380 in Broadview Heights, Ohio area

Tammy Smith said

Awesome! No more forehead wrinkles!

Success with Juvederm Ultra Plus.

Polly F. said

I've had success with Juvederm Ultra Plus. Using this has  filled out my nasolabial folds and lasted more than half a year!

best anti-aging combo is Retin-A and Botox!

Tamara K. said

The best anti-aging treatment is  Botox! fixes my angry brow.

I am concerned

Andrea K. said

I had Radiesse injected in my marionette lines  a couple months back. I was originally happy with the outcome, but have recently noticed painful lumpsrecently. My doctor has told me that this will go away with a few more months, but I am concerned.

I look so much younger

David B. said

I had Radiesse injected about 14 months ago and couldn't be happier with the results. After many comments about why I look so much younger I will definitely have it done again. I consider it way better than  Restylane which costs twice as much and was gone before a even a half year.

Results were unimpressive

Vichi O. said

I had it injected into my labial nasal folds to get rid of the downturn on my face. it didnt work at all! Do your research before getting things injected in your face. It is, after all, the first thing people see.

looks a bit unnatural now but I am optimistic

Susan G. said

I had Radiesse injected yesteday . I hated the  lines at each side my mouth that made me look like i was frowning. The doctor said it will take a week or so for it to really look normal but i am so far optimistic

Be very careful with the fillers.

Linda B. said

I had facial injections which lasted a year. I got an infection however when it migrated under my eyebrow and now my lids have this heavy pressure feeling on them. Be very careful with the fillers. you will wish you had your original face back.

lifted corners of my mouth with collagen filler

Lori V. said

I had a filler that has lasted about 9 months so far and it still has a nice effect. I really wanted to lift up the corners of my mouth and it did just that! I like collagen for those awful lip lines because it seems to be the only thing that works!

Couldnt be happier

Kathleen J. said

I was injected by a highly regarded plastic surgeon. He suggested Perlane and I couldnt be happier. It filled out the lines on my face and I look years younger. Everyone noticed but no one actually knows I had anything done!

Radiesse is the way to go

Zari B. said

I have had wonderful results with Radiesse. For me, the product is far better to other fillers like Juvederm or Restylane for softening lines and eliminating wrinkles around my lips and eyes. I recommend it.

Would never use again

Jamie F. said

Juvederm migrated down my face! Would never use either again..

injections ruined my face

Diane F. said

I have had lumps under my eyes for nine months. the injections really messed up my face.. I am embarrasssed to even leave my house!

Nodules under the eyes from Sculptra

Anonymous Reader said

Unfortunately, I have nodules under my from Sculptra.  i googled it and i found that its possible Sculptra injections disappear but not for many years!  I'm really sick of these nodules!

does not look or feel unnatural

Terry B. said

I have had both Restylane injected in nasolabial folds and felt that it was not that effective. i then had Radiesse  injected later down the line and it has lasted for 6 months! love this stuff!

Worth every penny

Didi F. said

I had Radiesse injected and it lasted about a year.
I had it injected in the same place the next year and my doctor actually suggested i use less than the first time. I have been very happy with the results from both treatments  feel it was worth the money.  This treatment is wonderful!

Botox is also a mood-lifter!

Vicky T. said

I experienced a mood lift as well as the traditional benefits upon both my first and second Botox treatments.  I'd like to think I'm doing more than just fighting old age when I get these injections!

Restalyne injected in the same area and these results are 100% better.

Sue P. said

I had Radiesse injected in my Nasolabial folds about a week  ago.  I am estatic with my results already! My smile lines are completely disapeared and I look so much younger. It did sort of empty my wallet but, most definately worth the cost. I am told the results will last at least 1 if not 2 years.

Dysport is the best choice

Kemelley H. said

I've tried Botox and Dysport. Dysport was absolutely the better choice out of the two in my opinion. it  lasts longer and completly smoothed out my forehead wrinkles much better than botox did. I just love it!

Fillers to stave off surgery

Tom B. said

I feel like I can prevent off surgery with fillers for a while but still don't want to make aging worse down the road. either way I feel like the areas I had filler injected in are staying as they should. i am very happy with my results.

Botox for teeth grinding and headaches!

Jackie P. said

I have used Botox in the passed to treat bruxism, or grinding and clenching while i sleep, with great success. I also found that it is great for  getting rid of for tension headaches. Botox does a lot more than you think it does! 

Wait if you have acne within 2 inches of an injection site

Anonymous Reader said

any kind of injections during the week of your menstral cycle or if you have acne near where the injection will be administered. My doctor failed to warn me about these factors and I had to  learn the hard way. Since injections are irritants, a tiny pimple can  grow to a giant cyst after injection.

shouldve accepted natural aging

Madison D. said

 It took more than $2000 worth of filler to fix wrinkles on my face.  I regret this wish i had just accepted the aging process..

Fabulous results with Sculptra

Jasmine A. said

I've had amazing results with Sculptra in my cheeks. It  gave volume back and has made me look what people say is 10 years younger.  be patient though, it could take up to 5 months before you can see the final results.  

Restylane under the eyes: Amazing!

Anonymous Reader said

I have had Restylane injected under my eyes. It had an amazing effect on my tired looking eyes but it is definelty something that you need to do research on prior! I would be very leery of going to anyone other than a board-certified plastics or aesthetic medicine specialist or dermatologist!

Different needles, better results!

Lina S. said

 I began injections with a variety of dermal fillers.  I have very little swelling and the effects are subtle and natural looking.

Fillers are wonderful - done by the right doctor.

Anonymous Reader said

I have used Botox for 10 years now. My face has no lines or wrinkles and nobody believes me when I tell them how old I am.  Fillers are wonderful!

Perlane doesnt work

Cost: 325 in area

Lora J. said

I just had perlane done and i cant really feel it? also i dont think i could afford to do it again.. so this might have been a mistake.

Sculptra injected into the balls of my feet

Anonymous Reader said

I recently had Sculptra injected into the balls of my feet. the actual procedure was painful but it made such a difference for my feet considering i am on them so many hours of the day!  be prepared, becasue it hurts at first, but get ready to be relieved from foot pain for a long time!

Definitely dont go to a spa or a mall for Botox or Radiesse

Baillee A. said

I have had Botox injected by a board certified plastic surgeon for the last couple years. I have been very happy with the results. I would definitely not recommend going to a spa for these treatments. I have not had any negative side effects either!

fillers are better than skin tighteners

Anonymous Reader said

Fillers look much more natural than other types of methods to slowing the aging process. my injections always last me about 9-12 months!

Botox for my neck

Tina G. said

I had no idea that Botox could be used on the neck. i went in for an entirely differnt concern! Combined with botox injections around my eyes, i not only looked more awake but i looked refreshed all over.. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor where else you can use these types of injections to improve your overall look! 

Use your ice packs early!

Oni G. said

I've had injections for my face and always bruised. Because I have very sensitive skin i have to put ice on them as soon as i get home to avoid bruising for a long time. I would suggest to anyone who has light to medium skin to do the same! 

Blunt needles are the way to go

Anonymous Reader said

I've had injectables a couple times now. my bruises seemed to last longer than others i know who have gotten the same injectables. it might be because I have lighter/more fair skin. I should also recommend looking into the different types of needles before going through with your procedure becauce there are different sizes which may affect the amount of bruising you are left with!

Go to a doctor for injectables...

Elizabeth F. said

i had widespread scars  and sores over my buttocks after getting injections frm a non-medical person operating a day spa. i'm lucky i didnt get any serious medical issues after. I can't stress more: see a real doctor before doing anything to your body! 

Dysport doesn't last, Botox does

Anonymous Reader said

Dysport starts to take effect faster than botox. unfortonatly, mine didnt even last more than 2 months.  i will be using botox going forward becauce maybe it doesnt take effect as quickly but it definitely lasts much longer.

Face injections

Anonymous Reader said

I've been doing injectables for at least years now and have always loved my results. side effects on include a bit of bruising right after the injections but this should subsite with a a day or two. I am always extremely satisfied with my results! 

Bruising is expected

Melinda V. said

I love my injections but I do bruise every single time. I have used Juvederm and it always gives me the darkest bruising. Just know bruising is something that always comes along with this type of procedure no matter who you are or what precationary or post-injection methods you take! 

I love my Artefill!

Anonymous Reader said

 I love my Artefill!  I will continue to tweak what is needed to be tweaked, without ever over doing it though.  i definitelu think Its possible to keep your natural beauty up with a little help from your dermatologist or other doctor without looking totally artificial. 

Injectables work

Cindy H. said

Take it from someone with experience, Botox works! it is working for me and continue to. I also had some fat grafting to my cheeks too which worked wonders alongside the botox around my eyes and forhead.

Botox and Restylane worked wonders

Judy S. said

Botox and Restylane worked wonders and took over ten years off my face. I also had Perlayne to fill my wrinkles and it still looks wonderful. The most amazing part is i didnt feel one thing!

Juvederm injected under my eyes

Britney L. said

I had juvederm injected under my eyes about 9 months ago. Initially I saw some lumping but it eventually went away. I could not be more pleased with the results. I read  there may be  fillers that work better for  and eyes but I have not tried them.

Getting fillers under my eyes

Kiki M. said

i got filler injected under my eyes because I hated the dark circles under my eyes. my friend had a similar procedure done and i decided to go through with it. i couldnt be happier. i never thought these types of treatments could be used to solve so many different problems! 

I blame Juvederm

Anonymous Reader said

Based on my experience with different fillers, Juvederm is best when used in lips or really deep wrinkles. I had circles under my eyes which disappeared entirely when i used Restylyn.

reliable fillers?

Robin A. said

I went to my dermatologist  to fill the tear troughs under my eyes. he said said  my skin was too  thin but i went ahead and did it anyways.  a vein close by became very obvious and deep blue. it was such a mistake. i shouldve listened to him!

Be careful with injections for undereyes

Anonymous Reader said

Be really careful with injections under your eyes. even though i thought it would be a good thing that my doctor said these injections would last a long time, It's been a year and i have a lump that is still there! shouldnt have tried to fill an area with such thin skin!

Botox has multiple uses!

Tina S. said

I had no idea botox could be used in the breasts and calves but after consulting with my doctor I was introduced to the multiple uses and i am so happy with my results! ask your doctor about this

Hurts like heck

Barbara T. said

They hurt like heck. Then theres the down time with swelling,bruising etc.I dread going but know it has to be done.

They all hurt...

Lynne R. said

I have had Restalyn with and without numbing.  They all hurt....hurting is not the issue for me.  I can withstand a little pain anyday....the issue is the horrific bruising!!!!  The numbing agent bruises as badly as the filler!!!


Lola M. said

Artefill is supposed to last an extremely long time.  However it was painful when injected (even with a numbing injection!)  I'd get more injections if they werent so painful....

Botox in-office

Cost: 300 in Dallas, TX area

Natalie P. said

I once went to a botox party and came out with a great deal of bruising on my face. My experience was entirely different when I had the procedure performed in my doctor’s office. While the injections were still slightly painful, the swelling disappeared quickly and there was no bruising. My results lasted about 5 months until I underwent my second session but the most obvious lines on my face never returned. I highly recommend this procedure if you need a quick fix.  

Embrace growing older with a little help from injectables!

Mindy B. said

 After 40  I started noticing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other factors that come with age.  i decided on  injections for my wrinkles and skin treatments for my discolored skin. They have helped me maintain my youth and people are constantly complimenting me on how well I am aging!


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