I Tried Every Best-Selling Patch from The Patch Brand

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The Patch Brand
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Have you ever wanted to curate your exact mood? You’ve probably seen a thousand and one mood-boosting pills, gummies and drinks, but it’s the wellness patch that has everybody talking. With huge growth over the past two years, transdermal patches, like The Patch Brand, are earning a reputation for being fast-acting and effective.

“In the past few years, we have seen a surge in the popularity of patches that enhance our wellness or provide skin-care benefits,” says New York dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD. “I think they are appealing to people because they are quick and easy to use. You simply stick on a patch, forget about it, and enjoy the benefits.”

I decided to test every The Patch Brand product to see what all the fuss was about. With patches that range from Sleep to Energy and every good mood in between, these wellness patches are designed to start working within 30 minutes and last up to eight hours. The Patch Brand lineup boasts curated mood-boosting formulas that harness natural botanicals and proven hard-working vitamins to reach your chosen mood. We put them to the test by not just trying every patch, but also conducting our own little experiment.

Testing Every Offer from The Patch Brand:

Is it really a patch brand if it doesn’t have a Pimple patch? The Patch Brand delivers with a hydrocolloid and tea tree oil patch designed to soothe and smooth away stubborn spots. The Daily patch is another must-have, as it focuses on overall wellness with vitamin C, ginkgo and echinacea.



Like a lot of us, I’m interested in keeping my Energy and Focus up during my workdays. Naturally, these became my favorite patches almost immediately. With Energy packed with B vitamins, green tea and taurine, and Focus filled with ginko baloba and vitamin B3, these patches are designed to get you going. The best part is that the consistent transdermal delivery means there’s no sudden caffeine spike or crash. That means a steady flow of that energy without dealing with the afternoon slump.



Let’s talk Libido. The formula combines mood-boosting ingredients like ginko baloba, with the Peruvian maca root, which is known for its potential benefits in fertility and libido. I can’t speak to fertility (I’m not trying for a baby), but I can tell you that maca root is no joke. As opposed to just giving you energy, it’s a more noticeably good mood feeling. And that has direct bedroom benefits.


If your bedroom activities get a bit…strenuous, there’s the Recovery patch. Powered by amino acid, Glutathione, this patch helps repair damage from stress at the cellular level. Acting as an antioxidant, it also delivers protection to those cells from future damage.


At the end of a long day or on one of my precious weekend days, the Calm patch has become my new best friend. If you have trouble winding down and getting your mind off of work, this patch will help you get there without immediately sending you off to sleep. Valerian root, used as a mild sedative, helps soothe your mind while passionflower (long used to treat anxiety) helps take your thoughts to calmer waters.


And when you’re ready to hit the hay, the Sleep patch has you covered. Clinically proven melatonin is paired with valerian and passionflower to make your transition to dream land as smooth as possible.


The Experiment

After a week of trying out every patch one at a time, I wanted to go a little deeper. Like everyone else, I’m susceptible to the placebo effect, which is when you experience a benefit or side effect that isn’t actually attributed to a medicine or product. For example, according to Harvard Health, if you tell a person that a medication causes headaches, even if it doesn’t, they’re more likely to experience and report a headache.

To avoid that problem, I decided to do a blind review.

I had my girlfriend select a wellness patch from The Patch Brand for me in the morning, which she placed on the back of my arm for me. This way, I wouldn’t know what patch she chose and I wouldn’t be able to check the little image on each patch either. We did this five times, trying one each week day.

Thankfully, my girlfriend didn’t choose the Libido patch.

Thankfully, because I ended up correctly guessing nearly every patch she chose. In fact, the only one I couldn’t guess was the Daily patch, which I confused with Focus. Every other mood patch from The Patch Brand had an effect noticeable enough for me to name after two hours of wear.

The Benefits:

Curate your mood, boost your productivity and help your brain wind down with your choice of effective, easy to use patches. The formulas are expertly designed with science-backed ingredients proven to help with relaxation, energy and overall mood. And the transdermal application means those formulas don’t have to have any fillers—it’s just the effective ingredients.

Key Ingredients:

Valerian Root, Melatonin, Caffeine, B Vitamins, Ginko Baloba

Free From:

Fragrance, Latex, Parabens

The Bottom Line:

Like a bio-hack for your mood, these patches are an excellent way to give yourself a crash-free boost of a much-needed slow down. Whether you’re looking for energy, daily wellness or a good night’s rest, you won’t go wrong with The Patch Brand.

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