Meghann Fahy Says This Skin-Care Product “Changed” Her Skin

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Meghann Fahy has been one of my favorite actresses since she starred in The Bold Type back in 2017. As an editor, the show about a fictional women’s magazine holds a spot in my heart, and Meghann’s character and her perfect comedic cadence always spoke to me the most. She recently shot into the public’s heart with her role in The White Lotus. As she’s gotten her well-deserved acclaim over the past few months, I’ve felt like a proud younger sister knowing it was about damn time. 

Although I had approximately 107 more questions I wanted to ask Meghann while on Zoom with her—and will be keeping my fingers crossed we somehow end up in a really active group chat together—these are the questions I was able to pose during our time together. We bonded over our mutual love for men’s fragrances and hatred for allergies, talked about what’s next for her and more.

First of all, how are you feeling? It’s been such a wild year for you.

“Yeah, it’s been crazy, but it’s been great. I feel good.”

I loved you as Sutton on The Bold Type, and I’ve been rooting for you ever since. To see you get the well-deserved, wide recognition following your performance in The White Lotus made me so happy. How has your life/lifestyle shifted since starring in the hit show?

“It’s definitely a unique and rare experience to be a part of something that’s such a cultural phenomenon. So it’s been a little bit of everything at some point. It’s been really special and wonderful and great, it’s been overwhelming, it’s been anxiety-inducing and vulnerable, but it’s mostly just been awesome. It’s a show and a cast that I’m really proud to be a part of. I’ve been trying to enjoy the sweet fleeting moment as much as possible.”

I love your current campaign with Astepro—quick allergy relief to Feel Sexy Fast. It’s a fun spin on something that’s usually such a bummer. Do you suffer from allergies?

“No, the whole thing is a lie. No, I’m kidding! Can you imagine? I’ve had really, really bad allergies for as long as I can remember. I think if you are a person who genuinely suffers from that, you get it. It’s a real thing that can negatively affect everything you do when you’re in a situation where you’re having an allergic reaction to something. So I was really excited about the idea of this product, especially because it works so quickly.

I’ve been on all kinds of things in the past, but Astepro is definitely the fastest anything has worked, and I think that makes a huge difference, especially if I’m on set or something and I don’t have 24 hours, and I need something fast. I also just loved their take on the whole campaign. They wanted it to be funny, and it felt accessible and cool. I just thought that that was really exciting.”

Tell me a bit about Astepro’s limited-edition eau de toilette, La Spontanéité.

“You mean this guy? Let me send you one. It smells like Abercrombie and Fitch. You’re going to love it. It’s very cologney, but in a great way.”


You are so stunning, and you have such a unique look and energy. Care to share any favorite skin care or makeup?

“I think for skin care in the morning, it’s an SPF moisturizer, and then at night, I use Retin-A, and that has changed my skin so much. Then I use Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($69). I’m kind of a tinted moisturizer girl, and that foundation is very light, and it’s glowy, which I also like.”

White Lotus won a ton of awards. Was award season exciting?

“Mostly, it was just strange to be in the same room as a lot of people who I’ve been a fan of for a while, so that was pretty wild and very cool.”

Was there anyone you were super excited to see?

“Yeah, I met Taylor Swift, which is basically as good as it gets for me. It was like a huge life moment.”

What do you hope the next year holds for you?

“I don’t know—I feel really open right now. I feel really ready to just kind of go with the flow, and I’m excited about finding something to do that feels like the right next thing. Also, I really love traveling, so I’m hoping I can squeeze in a trip to somewhere I’ve never been before because I feel like that’s something I always feel energized by. So I’m looking forward to doing that too.”

Is there somewehere at the top of your list?

“Honestly, top of my list, even though it’s probably not going to be the place I go next, is Africa. That’s up there for sure.”

Since I work at a women’s magazine, I’m curious what position you think you’d do best in at a magazine. Fashion like Sutton, or something else?

“None. I’m so bad at all of it. I have no sense of fashion. I’m not good at writing because I don’t have the attention span for it. I’m also really bad at Instagram, so I don’t think they would give me a job, but I’d probably be a good assistant, which Sutton also was starting out.”

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