Lala Kent on Grocery Store Skin-Care, PRP Facials and Her Return to ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Lala Kent on Grocery Store Skin-Care, PRP Facials and Her Return to ‘Vanderpump Rules’ featured image

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is a mother, business owner, author, Bravo favorite and, our favorite, a fledged beauty aficionado. We sat down with the 31-year-old entrepreneur—she’s the proud owner of brands Give Them Lala Beauty, Skin and most recently, Baby—to discuss everything from wellness to plastic surgery, and to our surprise, her top recommendations are wildly relatable.

Above everything else going on in your life, you are a mother. How have you found ease in balancing all of your roles? Do you have any tips for those overwhelmed by a busy schedule?

“I think I just kind of fell into this role of like, okay, I’m a mom now, but I also have bills to pay and I have businesses to run. So I totally get the feeling of being overwhelmed. I live and die by my calendar that sits on my desk. I think it’s very important to write things down, to create to-do lists, and always, always make sure that you have time for personal things. So when it comes to Ocean, I know that she’s not going to be little forever. My main priority is to try and bask in every single moment that I have with her. 

So the to-do list and carving out time is what I live and breathe by. Carving out time and saying, ‘Okay, from this time to this time, I’m focused solely on my business. And then I’m taking this time to spend with my kids.’ I think that might sound too simple, but it is just that simple.” 

What about time for yourself? What does your fitness routine look like? 

“I just brought on my personal trainer again, because without her I’m not going to the gym, it’s just not going to happen. I wish I could tell you what my routine is, but my trainer does it. There’s a day that we’re focused on all lower body, there’s one day that we do all upper body. I will say though, I don’t think you have to have a personal trainer in order to get the body that you want. I haven’t had a trainer since before Ocean was born. I think you should keep two things in your home, and you’re going to laugh at me: Make sure that you have those elastic bands that go from extra light to heavy because those are great for the booty. And then I love a Shake Weight.”

Really!? Do you use one often?

“Yes! I use it throughout the day. I’m never doing anything where I can’t be Shake Weight-ing [laughs]. I got them years ago as a joke when they first came out. I got one for my dad and one for my mom and we started using them and I was like, ‘This really works!’ It’s literally sitting here next to me because I may or may not have been using it before you called.”

You have been open about your sobriety journey. How has that been looking back? What advice do you have for anyone interested in that lifestyle?

“Sobriety has been the best gift I’ve ever given to myself. I’ve been sober for three and a half years and some change. I remember the day I got sober, my soul was screaming for it. I made the decision and I never looked back. There was nothing that could make me pick up a drink again. But that’s not how it is for everybody and I get that sobriety is not one size fits all.

I wish that I could show people a crystal ball of what their life holds once they get sober because you will have moments. You know, life still happens. But it becomes manageable. So people have their opinions on the program, but I swear by it. Just pick up The Big Book, you can get it on Amazon, and just start highlighting things that resonate with you. Just to dip your toe in the pond. If you’re trying to get sober, you will feel like the book was written for you. I think it’s nearly impossible to stay sober without some sort of program and community that rallies around you.”

Take me through your skin routine. What products do you use on a daily basis?

“I think of the skin like I think about my body. When I feel like my body has plateaued I know that it’s time to switch up my workout routine. My skin is the same way. Sometimes my skin just isn’t hitting like it used to and it’s dull all of a sudden, and I’ll know it’s time to change it up.

I am a product whore. I have cabinets, drawers filled with all the skin-care products in the world. But I will say every single night I cannot go to bed without putting Vaseline around my eyes. I think having Vaseline and Bio Oil in your drawer at all times is a must. 

I like to put my eye cream on from Give Them Lala Skin and then once that dries, I put the Vaseline over that. I also love it to take off eye makeup. No one ever uses Vaseline to remove their eye makeup. My mom always told me that your eyes don’t have as much elasticity as other parts of your face. When you pull it, it’s not bouncing back. 

I only started using Bio Oil for my face when I was breaking out years ago. I just found that it really calmed my breakouts and made it so they weren’t as red. I don’t want to say that it cures your breakout—I’ve had hormonal things where nothing in the world can cure it—but I felt like Bio Oil was just so easy on my skin. And then when I got pregnant, I put it all over my boobs, my bump, my belly, just to keep me from getting stretch marks. 

And you can get both at your drugstore! I love telling people they don’t have to roll into a department store and spend hundreds of dollars on your skin care. Grocery stores have phenomenal products.” 

What are your go-to products to create the ‘Clean Girl’ effortless glow? 

“I have a product that I recently came out with that is one of my favorites. It’s called Rich and Radiant. It’s a face elixir and I put it on religiously and I love the way that it looks even under a tinted moisturizer. I also love a stick or liquid highlighter. 

I don’t wear makeup every day. It’s actually a rare occasion that I get full glam. But I like that look where it’s like, ‘Oh, she looks natural.’ But you know how much we put into our faces before we get to that natural look.”

Do you swear by any in-office treatments?

“My favorite is the PRP facial. It’s like the Vampire Facial. They basically they take your blood, they spin it, they take out the platelets, they syringe it onto your face, and then they roll it in with microneedling device. And that basically resurfaces your skin and can take away scarring, fine lines, they can even inject it into fine lines, if people are terrified of fillers. It gives you a very natural filler-type look if that makes any sense. I swear by it and I go to Dr. Jason Diamond. I try to do it every three months, but that kind of switched when COVID hit. I’ve been slacking lately and you can see it on my face.”

You’ve been open about your breast augmentation and your recent optoplasty. Did anything surprise you about either of those surgeries?

“I had surprises with both. So my left boob is significantly larger and after I was done breastfeeding there was so much skin on the left side, so I had three options with my breast augmentation. To make them perfect we could either give me knockers, like huge boobs, and I didn’t want that. Then they said, ‘We can reduce the left side so that there’s less skin and then put the implants in, or we can give you a hammock.’ They anchor a ‘hammock’ inside the boob to keep the skin tight and also with the implant. It is crazy. The feeling of it dissolves, but I would say that was the most shocking thing. I had no idea that you could anchor a ‘hammock’ into your boob to give it a nice lift. So I went with that option. I didn’t really want to create an extra cut to give a reduction to the left, and I certainly didn’t want my boobs walking into a room before I did.”

Is there a procedure you’re thinking about getting next?

“You know, I’m pretty happy that I don’t. I have been insecure about my ears since I was little. There have been many insecurities that I’ve outgrown and a lot of insecurities where I say, ‘You know what, it’s all good.’ But the ears I could just never get over. So that was the one plastic surgery, aside from my breastfeeding boobies, that I wanted done. But I think I’m happy right now. No plastic surgery, but I love my injections.”

Are you coming back for the next season of Vanderpump Rules? 

“I love this question. I am officially a part of season 10 and we start filming today. I literally had no idea if I was coming back; I really didn’t know up until last night. I was like I don’t know what I’m doing. But I’m really excited.”

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