3 Top Fitness Trainers Reveal the One Weight Loss Trick They Tell ALL Their Clients

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There’s a lot of chatter out there regarding the best way to lose weight, however, a lot of those so-called “easy weight loss tricks” happen to be completely false. Anyone who has achieved long-term weight loss knows that their success stems from a permanent lifestyle change—not a crash diet or month-long exercise binge. So, we tapped three top fitness trainers at the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival in New York for their best advice on dropping pounds no matter who you are or what your goals are. Read on!

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Change Your Goals to Exclude Weight Loss

With a client list involving A-listers like Katy Perry and Rihanna, Harley Pasternak’s fitness advice is straight-forward and celebrity-approved (even Kim Kardashian West has sought out his help!). “First, throw out your scale,” he says. “Rather than making a number your goal, make the process your goal and as a byproduct you will lose 10 to 25 pounds.” Translation: Switch your goals to exclude a weight loss objective and instead focus on things that you have quantified control over. “[Goals] shouldn’t be “I want to lose twenty pounds,” they should be “I want to take twelve thousand steps a day,” “I want to get at least seven hours of quality sleep a night,” or “I want to eat protein and fiber five times a day,”” he says. Since these are all things you have direct control over, they’re much easier to achieve.

Don’t Restrict Yourself to Solely Doing Lengthy Workouts

In the realm of digital fitness, Rachel Brathen—a.k.a. Yoga Girl—is quite the celebrity, spreading a much more wholesome and forgiving approach to fitness than many other trainers. “I think small habits is what eventually ends up changing your lifestyle. It’s the more sustainable thing,” she says. “Practicing yoga for me has been a really life changing thing. The idea that it doesn’t have to be this 90-minute super sweaty vinyasa class at a studio everyday but instead rolling out the mat or keeping your mat rolled out and starting every day by stepping on the mat and seeing what comes up,” Brathen explains. “If you have five minutes that day be okay with that. If you have an hour and half, be okay with that. I think just getting into a routine of having that time—no matter how short—for yourself every day is super life changing.”

Incorporate Small Changes Into Your Routine

“I give my clients the NW30, which is when you do 30 crunches in the morning and another 30 crunches right before bed for at least five days a week for a month,” says Nicole Winhoffer, trainer to stars like Madonna and Kate Hudson. “My second thing I tell my clients to do is drink at least three 1.5 liter bottles of water a day. Usually people overeat because they are either thirsty or tired,” Winhoffer explains. So, by reaching for a water bottle before you eat, you’ll cut down the chances of binge eating when you’re really just thirsty. “The last most important thing is sleep,” Winhoffer adds. “It’s important to get at least six and a half to eight hours of sleep a night.” Winhoffer’s go-to trick for ensuring you get enough shut eye is to write down a pre-set bed time and wake up time into your schedule in order to adhere to a consistent time frame. “I think people schedule what they have to do in their lives in a calendar but they rarely schedule in self-care.”

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