Christie Brinkley’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Secrets


At 62, Christie Brinkley is still the quintessential supermodel, with that same smile, some new business ventures and some very unique thoughts on beauty.

Sun Savior
“I grew up at the beach and I still spend a lot of time in the water; I love the water. I love swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, beach-combing, boating. I know being out in the sun isn’t great, but there’s a certain point I have to say, ‘Life is for living.’ I can’t help it. I do try to cover up but I almost always end up tan—and I know a tan is a sign of damage. I have a wardrobe of hats I rely on. If I am out, I wear my Recapture 360 Day Cream, then I’ll layer Giorgio Armani Foundation—the one with the SPF—on top of that. It’s a really thin foundation. I do try, but I almost always have a lot of people saying to me, ‘You’re so tan!’”

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Advice to My Daughters
“I protected all my kids from the sun and I harp on it even now. My daughter Alexa just turned 30, and she still gets carded. There is no greater compliment—for both of us!”

Look-Rested Tip
“No matter what eye cream you apply, if you just sort of tap and pat the area under and around your eye, it helps get the circulation going, gets rid of the fluids and reduces puffiness.”

Hydration No-No
“Your body doesn’t really like refrigerated things…think about it, that wasn’t always the norm. I prefer warm water to cold. I think it’s better for you.”

Diet Do
“I am a lifelong vegetarian, but still an aspiring vegan. I am good for a couple of months, then some great Italian food and some mozzarella comes along and I am a lot less vegan—those two things are definitely my vices. When you’re a vegetarian though, you have to take some kind of supplement. I take BioSil. And it’s not just for vegetarians. We could all use a boost in our hair, skin and nails.”

Skin Care Essentials 
“I didn’t realize how much you get asked ‘do you really use your products?’ when you have your own skin care line. One word: YES!

When we started the idea of developing the line, I met with a team of dermatologists, formulators and chemists and they asked me a bunch of questions so they could determine what I’ve done right and wrong with my skin over the years. Basically, all the wrong things I’ve done to my skin were considered and incorporated into the line to fix the problems.

I’m not a scientist that mixes everything up, but I get all the testers before it becomes a ‘product.’ I say no to things that make my makeup smear, I try on potential products on-location in the sun to see how they hold up, and I give feedback. Most of all, I make sure whatever we introduce works. I also get a lot of ideas and input from the women who follow me on social media—I read their comments and their suggestions and I feel like I really know them and the skin-related issues they face. They are the reason that I am so picky about my products.”

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Age-Defying Advice
“I know the best thing that I have done for myself over the years was to become a vegetarian. I have never eaten a piece of red or white meat since the day I decided to become one. I have avoided all the growth hormones that animals are injected with. I’m not a doctor or scientist, but if those hormones are speeding up bodily functions in animals to get to the slaughter house faster, what exactly are they doing to our skin? I think that purity and focusing on a diet rich in antioxidants has made all the difference.”

Expert Insight
“No matter what you are going to do—if you are going to get your makeup done or if you are going to a doctor for an anti-aging procedure, pick the right expert! It’s so important. I feel pretty strongly that that is a big secret to looking good and getting the kind of results you want.”

Social Cues
“I use Instagram, but I’ve found that women my age don’t really use it. I encourage you to use it! It’s an incredible window to the world. You can follow all the trends and it’s so current! You see everything as it is happening.”

Back to Balance
“One of the best features of our phones is the camera feature. I am constantly aware of beauty around us, whether I am in a cab or walking on the street or wandering around. If you are going through a tough time in life, pick up a camera, take a walk and look for beauty. I find that to be so relaxing—that’s one of the main ways I relieve stress. You’ll see that the world is offering you so much beauty to look at.”

Throwback Hair Trick
“I still use Sun-In. It’s a great way to extend your salon visits and add in some highlights.”

Multitasking Must-Have
“Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream. I won’t do a spray tan, but I will self-tan at home. This one firms, moisturizes and evens out skin tone.”

Zen Approach
“I like a good massage. I think massage should be mandatory, not a luxury. It’s so good for your body. I think people should really try to work it into their lives if at all possible.”

Meditation Move
“I’ve ‘meditated’ since I was a teenager, but I am not very good at it. I tend to only turn to it in times of stress. During a bumpy flight, I will go to it. I’ve had other stressful times in my life, and during those times, I force myself to get up 15 minutes early to meditate and then I do it again by setting aside 15 minutes before dinner. I just sort of use that time to empty my thoughts and gather my strengths.”

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