I’m a Celebrity Nail Artist—These Are the Trends That Are Most Requested

I’m a Celebrity Nail Artist—These Are the Trends That Are Most Requested featured image

Every year, new manicure trends—or at least, refreshed takes on classic nail art—circulate social media and ultimately earn their way onto the nails of people all over the world. But the question is, of all the trends we’ve seen so far this year—dewdrop nails, rainbow French manicures, watermelon nails, illusion French manicures, and more—which are the most requested of all? To find out, we chatted with celebrity manicurist and JINsoon brand founder Jin Soon Choi, who works with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Taylor Russell.

“This summer, nail colors and designs will lean toward bold, vibrant shades, creative abstract patterns, and mesmerizing glass-like jelly nails,” she tells NewBeauty. “It’s all about embracing lively colors and simple, modern designs that are both fun and easy to achieve, making them perfect for the vibrant and carefree summer season.”

Ready to feel inspired? Ahead, explore the most requested nail art trends leading into summer 2024.

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Jelly Glass Nails

Forget about full saturation. This year—and this summer, especially—we’re seeing jelly manicures pop up all over our feeds. “This season’s standout trend is the mesmerizing glass-like jelly nails,” Choi confirms. “Reminiscent of delicate stained glass, these translucent nails captivate with their modern, cool aesthetic and have become a favorite among celebrities.”

To DIY the look, Choi says to start by buffing your nails for a smooth canvas. Then, apply a sheer, glossy polish in the color of your choosing. (We’re big fans of Gelcare’s Jelly Mango, Jelly Rancher and Cherry Jello, all of which are buildable and $20 each). “Jelly nails use sheer polishes that provide a beautiful, translucent wash of color, allowing your natural nails to shine through,” she adds. “Available in a wide range of shades, from vibrant brights to soft pastels, these polishes are versatile for any style.”

jelly glass nail
IG: jinsoon
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Vibrant Ombre French Tips: Bold Colors or Classic Elegance

We’ve been seeing ample fashion and beauty inspo boomeranging back from the early 2010s, so it was only a matter of time before ombre manicures returned to the spotlight. “This summer, French manicures are getting a vibrant makeover,” Choi says. “Instead of the traditional white tips in a clean French shape, embrace bold colors like purples, greens, yellows, or even a rainbow of shades in ombre, with each finger showcasing a different hue. This colorful twist on a classic look adds a fun and modern flair, perfect for the sunny season.”

Meanwhile, if bold colors aren’t your thing, Choi says to still stick to the ombre application. “For those who prefer a more understated style, white ombre French tips offer a subtle yet elegant gradient effect,” she explains. “Whether you choose vivid colors or a refined ombre, these updated French tips are sure to make a stylish statement.”

Best of all, ombre nails are easy to DIY. Simply prep your nails, dab your chosen colors on with a little sponge, clean up the edges, and finish with top coat.

French ombre
IG: jinsoon
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Blush Nails

Another way to add a fun pop of color to your manicure? With blush nails! “Blush nails are really having a moment—it’s all about bringing that soft, feminine touch to your fingertips,” Choi says. “Like a hint of blush for your cheeks, they’re just so elegant and sophisticated. The beauty of blush nails lies in their flexibility—you can opt for a subtle hint of pink for everyday wear or go bold with a full-on blush shade for a night out.” To DIY the look, Choi says to start by prepping your nails—remove old polish, file, push back your cuticles, and buff. Next, apply a base coat. Then, use a makeup sponge to dab the pink polish of your choice onto sections of each nail, making sure not to cover your entire nail. Finish with top coat.

blush nails
IG: jinsoon
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Linear French

French manicures are forever a classic request at salons. This year, though, artists are seeing a rise in alternate designs. Of these, linear French manicures are particularly popular. This nail trend features a solid color base with a linear divide to depict the French tip without actually filling it in. “This alternate French manicure strikes a perfect balance between youthful playfulness and modern simplicity,” Choi says. To DIY this look, you’ll need a steady hand and a fine-lining nail art brush, like those found in the Lights Lacquer Detail Brush Kit ($17). Additionally, you’ll want to choose high-contrast colors that will easily depict the design, such as black and white, pink and green, blue and orange, cream and neon, and so on.

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Color Block Art

If you love the idea of elevating a classic French with different colors and designs, chances are, you’ll also enjoy the concept of color block nail art. Achievable in bold and neutral colors alike, this nail art trend is all about bold, high-contrast polish pairings. “This trend draws inspiration from the world of modern art, particularly the works of artists like Ellsworth Kelly,” Choi says. “It allows you to wear a piece of art on your fingertips, adding a touch of sophistication and cultural awareness to your style.” And like art, this nail trend can be interpreted in so many different ways. Color block nail art can come in many forms, like two-tone French manicures, negative space nail art, half-and-half nail looks, striped nail art, and more. Have fun with it!

colorblock nails
IG: jinsoon
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Summer Orange Red

In terms of the most-requested nail color heading into summer 2024, Choi says vibrant orangey-red hues take the cake. “The bold and energetic red-orange shade steals the spotlight in Summer 2024,” she assures us. “Its juicy, translucent hue effortlessly adds a pop of color to your fingertips without a thick finish—its lightweight nature embodies summer vibes, flattering all skin tones, and exuding effortless chic in any nail length and shape. Fun fact? “JINsoon Crush ($18), a hot red-orange, was featured on the Brandon Maxwell SS2024 Runway,” Choi reveals. Other spritzy shades we love include Le Mini Macaron’s Copacabana ($13), Londontown Lakur’s Camden Chic ($16), Nailberry’s Joyful ($21), and Olive & June’s Lava ($9).

summer orange red nail

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