Brooke Shields Says This Product Helps Turn Her Mind Off Before Bed

Brooke Shields Says This Product Helps Turn Her Mind Off Before Bed featured image

Brooke Shields is busier than ever. The beauty icon and award-winning actress just wrapped filming on a new comedy, has several campaigns in the pipeline, and in her true entrepreneurial spirit, recently announced she’s joined CBD brand Prospect Farms as chief brand officer and board director. Here, she spills all of her best-sleep secrets, how the brand won her over and what she has in store for 2022.

I read that you discovered CBD because of a lack of sleep. How did CBD help you?

“With all that I’m doing these days, whether it be at home or at work, at times it can be really hard to turn my mind off at night to even allow myself to fall asleep. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling because we all juggle so many things. After introducing Prospect Farms Dream into my sleep routine, I quickly found that I was able to make that transition to sleep much faster and easier. In addition to CBD, they introduce things like linalool, which is actually the active ingredient in lavender, so it naturally gives my mind the opportunity to rest itself. I just use one dropper full under my tongue about an hour before I go to bed, but the dropper is marked with different dosages, so it was easy to experiment and find what dose worked best for me.”

What was it about Prospect Farms that compelled you to get involved at a top level?

“When I met with the Prospect Farms team and I was taken through their processes, philosophy and mission, it felt very in keeping with what I’m doing not just as an entrepreneur, but as a woman. It started with a discussion of sleep, because I was complaining to a member of their team that I have a very hard time sleeping, and then I started learning about the positive effects and the different ways that CBD can be introduced to a person’s life. I was just fascinated because it’s all just so new to me—to a lot of us really. As someone who has experienced its effects firsthand, and as an evolving woman entering different phases of my life and seeking long-term wellness, I just felt compelled to take the journey along with the team at Prospect Farms. Their commitment to only the highest standards, with complete transparency, is also what won me over. It can be a confusing category, and I think their approach will allow people to feel more comfortable with what they are consuming.

I want to do whatever I can to bring the true benefits of CBD, and the larger pool of cannabinoids within full-spectrum products, into the right conversations in order to help begin changing how we talk about it. The idea of what we think we know about CBD, and how much more there is to know, there’s a myriad of different ways it can be used and multitudes of different products that can be created by and from Prospect Farms. I hope people start to approach it from a holistic view and the efficacy of it and understand the powerful nature of CBD and really the benefits of it. To me, it always used to be something ‘over there’, something that I just didn’t understand, but when you really get to understanding how it works topically—the Prospect Farms Dream Topical cream is great for my sore knees—and sublingually, it really affects your well-being mental, physical and spiritual.”

The world of CBD can still be confusing for many, even years after it’s been everywhere in the market. What resources did you use to learn about CBD?

“The team at Prospect Farms has been instrumental in helping me learn about CBD. There is so much that hasn’t been talked about broadly yet, from how terpenes guide the benefits experienced to how the different extraction processes impact what ends up in the bottle. I thought terpenes were super interesting. They’re a part of plants that we all know, like mangos and lavender, that can have really powerful benefits for the body. An example is myrcene, which is found in mango and has stress-relieving benefits. It is interesting to me to think about new natural sources and solutions to treat traditional issues. I’m also, quite candidly, just at the beginning of my journey here and learning every day. By doing so I have a better understanding of how best to help share and guide others as they begin their journeys.”

Do you have any advice you can share based on what you’ve learned so far?

“One piece of advice I can give others is to simply ask questions. Whether it’s about what’s in their products, or where they come from, or whatever it is that happens to really matter to them. I think it’s that curiosity that will eventually lead them to the products they feel align with their personal standards—their comfort level and their needs. That’s essentially how I found Prospect Farms.”

Aside from CBD, what other things do you do to find Zen?

“I love baths and Pilates! I also use Renew Pure Radiance Oil from True Botanicals. It smells heavenly and it’s multipurpose, too! I use it on my cuticles, in my eyebrows and hair. It moisturizes my skin like nothing else and has noticeably helped with signs of aging as well!”

Are there any other sleep rituals you like to promote better sleep?

“Blackout curtains are a must. I use ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray too, and I keep my phone far from the bed.”

Though I love talking about all things CBD and sleep, I’d love to hear what other projects you’re working on right now. Fill me in!

“I recently partnered with Clos du Bois Chardonnay for a new campaign, Long Live, celebrating all of the benefits that come with age—enhanced confidence, individuality, wisdom and zest for life—amazing qualities that we all aspire to have. I love that the brand is taking a stance on ageism in advertising and flipping the script to challenge the stereotype that Chardonnay is an ‘old person’s wine’ and reflecting the reality of people my age.

I also just shot a movie called Out of Order with Sam Huntington and Brandon Routh. And, I recently unveiled my latest entrepreneurial project, Beginning Is Now, which is a global digital platform and brand that offers an authentic and holistic approach to inspire women over the age of 40 to live their fullest lives and have their voices heard, while simultaneously finding strength, wisdom and humor in each other.”  

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