Put Down the Glue, Magnetic Lashes Are Here

Lashes and Colors | Color your summer bright with One Two Lash. Inventor Katy Stoka wearing Originals.

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There’s very little we don’t like about full, lush lashes—except for the effort it takes to get them to look that way. Whether it’s wrangling with glue and tweezers or shelling out mad money and time for eyelash extensions, it’s surprisingly difficult to get such a small feature right. Luckily, someone out there heard the frustrated groans of all the women out there who spent hours attempting to glue on lashes and invented a genius new way to get fuller lashes without adhesives.

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Enter: One Two Lash. The genius in the product is that the lashes are magnetic, and attaches to your eyes by sandwiching your natural lashes in between a “top” and a “bottom” strip of artificial lashes. Because no adhesive is used, the lashes are reusable. To get a better sense of how they work, watch this tutorial below:

Of course, such genius doesn’t come cheap. One Two Lashes are currently available for pre-order and ring in at $59.