The Magic Water Drops Your Dry Skin Needs

Tis the season for dry skin to make its way full-force back into your beauty woes list. But, the transition for your beauty regimen isn’t always so easy—especially if you have that in-between skin type that needs hydration, but doesn’t need a thick mask of cream that makes everything oily midday.

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Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum ($57) is the answer. The product showcases yet another K-Beauty trend rollout—magic water drops—and is actually manufactured in Korea as well. Technically, it’s a serum (a really, really light one), but it’s made up of tiny microdroplets that give skin a surge of moisture on contact. It feels cooling, smells like just a hint of refreshing cucumber and leaves your complexion looking perfectly hydrated and glowy, all-day long. As an added bonus, it even packs in a ton of active botanicals that have brightening and antioxidant properties, plus calming sulfur that works especially well if you have a tendency to get red