Rid Your Face Of Rough Skin

One of the most frustrating things about a breakout, for me, is the flakiness I get on and around the blemishes from overzealous acne treatments. As if the bumps weren't enough, right? My moisturizer helps, but a couple times a week, I need some serious sloughing to smooth things out.

It's been tricky finding something that does the job without further irritating my acne-angered face, but Stem's Smooth Skin Exfoliant proved itself the first time I used it. The super-light, vegan formula contains tiny bits of bamboo to gently polish away the roughness that drives me crazy. Also in the 78% organic recipe are pomegranate, jojoba and oodles of essential oils.

By banishing my patchy dryness, Smooth Skin Exfoliant also provides the extra perk of suppressing my temptation to pick and peel. My skin heals faster and safer, and looks better in the process.