Avéli: How This Noninvasive Treatment Gets to the Root of Cellulite

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Cellulite is one of the peskiest body concerns—one that has launched a thousand topical products, workout regimens and in-office treatments. However, many of these supposed solutions don’t get at the real cause of cellulite—that’s where the nonsurgical treatment Avéli comes in. Atlanta plastic surgeons Carmen M. Kavali, MD, and Teri N. Moak, MD, dive deeper into the revolutionary cellulite treatment, including what to expect from the first appointment to the results.

What makes the Avéli cellulite treatment stand out among other cellulite-reduction procedures?

“Avéli cellulite treatment is a definitive treatment for cellulite as it physically severs the band below the skin that is responsible for the localized skin tethering, which creates the dimple we call cellulite. Previous treatments aim to improve the appearance of the skin around the dimple, but do not specifically address the root cause of the problem. It targets the cause, rendering a predictable, permanent result. Its other benefits include that it is an in-office procedure, performed under local anesthesia, meaning it does not have to be performed in an operating room. It is a one-time treatment, and it has little downtime associated with the procedure.”

How does Avéli specifically target cellulite and what is its mechanism of action?

“Avéli is performed comfortably in the office setting. We first numb the area to be treated. Then, through a very small incision, we use the Avéli device to tunnel underneath the skin and locate the specific fibrotic band that is causing the cellulite dimple. Once we have isolated that specific cellulite band, we activate the device, which physically cuts the band and releases the tethered point of the skin, allowing the skin to lay smoothly.”

What is the typical process and duration of the treatment?

“We first meet patients in consultation to determine if they are candidates for the Avéli treatment. Several issues can contribute to an undesired appearance of the buttocks and posterior thighs. These certainly include cellulite, but sometimes, we find that the area of concern may also be due to skin laxity, looseness, or uneven fat distribution in the area. Skin laxity and uneven fat distribution are not targets for Avéli—these require different modalities, so we want to make sure we are adequately diagnosing the concern. 

Once we determine that a patient is a good candidate for Avéli, we spend time describing the procedure and its recovery to the patient, making sure all their questions are answered. On the day of the procedure, we mark all the cellulite areas of concern with the patient’s input to ensure that we are targeting all of the areas we can. After we have answered any last-minute questions and gone over the steps of the procedure again, we get our patients comfortable in our treatment area. They have the option of taking some relaxing medication or using our Pro-Nox laughing gas before the procedure begins to help them relax as we get started.

After the procedure, we have the patient put on a compression garment to limit swelling and pain and reinforces a new, smooth contour to the skin. In total, this visit takes about two hours. Following treatment, the patients will be seen in the clinic one week post-treatment, six weeks post-treatment, three months post-treatment, and six months post-treatment.

Initially, there may be some bruising and swelling of the treated area, which typically resolves within two to three weeks. We ask that our patients wear their compression clothing as much as possible for up to two weeks after the procedure. For the first two weeks following the procedure, we allow light physical activity. After three weeks, there are no activity restrictions—the patient can return to full physical activity as tolerated. Final results are typically seen between three to six months, though there are immediately visible improvements in the cellulite areas.”

What results can patients realistically expect from the Avéli treatment, both in terms of cellulite reduction and overall skin appearance?

“Avéli delivers a long-term reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The treated areas will be visibly smoother with less dimpling and improved skin contour.”

Are there any potential risks or side effects associated with the Avéli and how do they compare to other cellulite reduction methods?

“One consideration of treatment with Avéli involves ‘cluster’ areas of cellulite dimples. We do have to ensure that we do not over-release one area of the buttocks or thighs, as this can lead to loose-appearing skin. We will discuss any of these cluster areas with you during your consultation and ensure we focus on the areas that bother you most. Another consideration is the gluteal fold, where the buttocks meet the thigh. We cannot aggressively address cellulite located in this specific fold, as we do not want to disrupt the fold and lead to a flattened appearance of the buttocks.”

Is the Avéli treatment suitable for all types of cellulite and skin types?

“Any skin type can be treated with Avéli. Patients must be healthy and willing to wear compression post-treatment for two to three weeks to achieve optimal results. As mentioned earlier, we also need to ensure, on exam, that the true cause of the patient’s concerns is, in fact, cellulite and not loose skin or fat distribution issues.”

How satisfied have patients been with the long-term results of the Avéli cellulite treatment compared to other options?

“Very! Most of our patients see an immediate improvement in the areas of concern. Over time, these results only improve! When combined with other skin smoothing and quality-improvement treatments such as VelaShape and Sculptra, their results are even better. Similarly, when patients are undergoing procedures such as a Brazilian Butt Lift or fat grafting to the buttocks, their results are augmented with the addition of Avéli.”

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