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Laser Liposuction


Average Cost: $3,000-$5,000

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Why go under the knife?

Cost: $2500 in Orange county, Ca area

Johana Shea said

I recently started doing Dazzle Light. I posted the website for those who don't know what it is. ( http://www.dazzle-light.com ). I have tried a bunch of different treatments. Zerona worked a little bit but not enough for the cost. I tried a couple of treatments with the laser paddles like ilipo and Lapex but they were uncomfortable and even less worth the cost in my opinion. In total with all three things  I lost about 7 inches total over the first six months of 2012. (my big new years resolution) All and all I must admit I lost inches faster than I ever did dieting and exercising. And without the tedious routines that make it harder to be a mom than it already is. I went three times a week typically but still it beats the heck out of gym runs and shakes that taste like surgery chalk and vitamins.  This year i went looking for something better than said treatments, and I was also looking to get some expert help on the lines and wrinkles starting to make a home on my once young face. I inquired at the spa that I usually do facials and laser treatments. They said they had recently brought a new product in that had a two inch guarantee on the first treatment. OMG! Had to try it. So I started in the second week of January and went 6 times for 1 hour. I lost 3-1/4 inches in the first session and by week 3 on my sixth treatment I lost a total of 14 -1/2 inches off my waist hips and upper thighs. My energy was up my appetite was down and I felt sexy! (no lie).  When I started they asked me if I was going to do facial treatments and I declined. But when I saw the inches fall off I had to try it. This time it was easier to convince my hubby it was worth the money. (love you Robert!) After 2 -1/2 weeks and 6 fifteen min treatments later I was even more surprised by this simple looking panel of red light. The lines on my face have faded significantly and my chin no longer has a ring line under it. The line I have had for 8 years since my last heavy prego days! One thing that they did not tell me would happen, was the improvement of the skin on my chest just above my breasts. I have had significant sun damage over the years and tried every cream and peel out there no matter what the cost, to make this area look younger and tighter. The skin is tighter and spots from sun damage have faded. I no longer get that elongated cleavage up my chest when I fold my arms and it's unbelievable. Sorry to go on and on but I  had to share this. It's a pretty new product from what I understand, but it's worth looking for if you are like me and don't want to have to get attic surgery. Thanks for listening ciao. - Johana

Stomach Laser Lipo

Kameron L. said

I had laser lipo adminstered to my lower abdomen and i am very pleased with the results. I found that no matter the diet or exercise i tried, i couldnt get rid of this layer of fat around my midsection. I have no scars frm the surgery and have not gained back the weight. Great procedure

Laser Lipo did half the job

Rhian H. said

I had those pesky fat pockets on the upper part of my sides (the flanks) as well as some fat just under my shoulder blades. I decided to have laser liposuction in hopes that it would be less painful and a quicker recovery than regular liposuction. While i did not experience too much pain during my recovery (rather just sensitive or sore) i dont feel as if the results are what i expected. The areas under my shoulder blads still seem to have that roll effect even though my flanks looks much better. I wonder if it was the way the doctor administered the procedure but overall i am not happy with fat that is still left over!

Laser lipo- great results so far

Hannah G. said

I  had my chin, jowls, and neck sculpted with laser liposuction and I'm thrilled with the results!  My doc said i will see my final results in just about 3 months.


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