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Breast Implants


Average Cost: $3,500-$8,000

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Very pleased

Rhonda G. said

i recently had surgery for silicone implants, sub muscular and through the nipple. I went from an A to a full C and am healing great. The incision is perfectly placed on the line of my nipple so it should blend perfectly. It has been 3 months and my breasts have already dropped and set to a natural look. Very pleased

Implants ruptured but replaced

Anonymous Reader said

I had my saline implants replaced because  they basically popped out of nowhere. I awoke one day to find one starting to deflate. My new implants are far better than the first set due to an excellent new doctor, the choices of sizes/shapes of implants and the placements of under the muscle.

Implant unexpectedly became soft and deflated

Ann G. said

 I had 12 year old saline implants and woke up one morning finding one implant deflated! i didnt have anything put pressure on my chest so  I wonder if implants can have a spontaneous rupture (slow leak) for no reason. Either way, I wouldnt recommend risking this surgery. 

Definitely Recommend

Hannah D. said

i got implants  because I had always been embaressed at how small my boobs were. they were just out of proportion with my large framed body. My doctor suggested sub-muscular saline implants which he placed through a small incision below my nipple. My doctor performed the surgery in his office and I was allowed to go home right just after. My only complaint would be slight rippling but this is something that comes along with saline as opposed to silicone implants.

Would recommend

Cost: 5200 in San Diego, CA area

Cindy L. said

i had breast implants a couple years back. There was no bruising post-op and swelling went down within a couple days along with the pain. You will feel uncomfortable for at least a week or two after your surgery but its gets easier every day. I didn’t even have take any pain medication during my recovery. i guess my only complaint is that I wished my breasts were closer together. 

Painful but worth it

Jennifer R. said

i always thought my breasts were too small. I found a great doctor in my neighborhood and decided to get breast implants. There was no pain during surgery (I had general anesthesia) but endured unexpected pressure on my chest post-op. it went away eventually but i was definitely not prepared for that. While the surgery was somewhat expensive, I do not regret my decision besides maybe doing more research so i couldve been preapred for that heavy feeling!

Not worth the money or the pain!

Sarah C. said

 I was always bothered by how small my breasts were. After years of being teased I finally decided to have breast implant surgery. My surgery was performed under general anesthesia but when I woke up, I was in extreme pain. It was a full month until the pain subsided yet I noticed my breasts were different sizes and their shape was abnormal.  When I consulted my surgeon, he told me that a silicon bag might have leaked and that I had to have them removed. Overall, my experience with breast implants was unpleasant, painful and did not give me the results I expected. The treatment was quite expensive and I had spent all my money on it. I plan to take out a loan to remove them and consider this surgery a huge mistake.

Loved them when I was younger!

Cost: 4500 in Philadelphia, PA area

Linda L. said

I go tsaline implants  12 years ago which wereplaced over the muscle, with a small incision under each nipple.i was.small on top and big on bottom. I experienced an uncanny amount of pain after my surgery but recovery time was, at most, 10 days.  I was able to return to work and light exercise by that time as well. Although I am considering having them removed (I feel now that I am older I look sort of matronly) I would recommend the surgery to anyone who feels they are disproportionate.  

Painful yet quick recovery

Cost: 4500 in Philadelphia, PA area

Marissa F. said

Although I just wanted a full C, I am now a DD but i adore my new breasts. It took about a little over a half year  for my breasts to look natural but I was left without  scars.   I would definitely recommend speaking to others about their experience prior just to get a better idea about what recovery is actually like. 

It's not worth the risks

Cost: 5000.00 in Staten Island, NJ area

Nina P. said

I would not recommend any type of cosmetic surgery.  I don’t think the risks can justify the results:   scarring, medical conditions associated with complications and sometimes people even die from these procedures.  I have a negative opinion on cosmetic surgeries because I had complications after I got breast implants. maybe, I have bigger breasts but i have  scarring and am more self conscience then i was before

I love my new breasts!

Cost: $4000 in Los Angeles, California area

Jennifer L. said

From a B to a perky C with implants and a lift. concerned I would lose sensation in my nipples  but had hardly any sensation loss and my breasts look incredible! I decided to go with under-the-muscle saline implants. I would do it again without question and recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it. You will be a little sore afterwards but it goes away within days and is definitely worth the results

Don't do it

Cost: 5000.00 in Staten Island, NY area

Teresa S. said

The pain and risks involved alone are not worth it. I have  scar tissue build up and have ended up going through more  surgery a year later to have it removed. I wish I would have never done it.


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