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Breast Augmentation


Average Cost: $3,500-$8,000

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8 Years Young

Cost: 5,500 in Staten Island, NY area

Jennifer B said

I received 300cc Saline Implants 8 years ago and they look and feel as if I got them yesterday. I experienced no discomfort when I got them and my doctor was extremely skilled that there is no visible scar ( i had it done through the nipple) and since it is under the muscle, it doesn't feel like you're touching a bag. They drop a little so they seem natural and I would do it all over again if I had to.

Best experience of my life!

Cost: 6000 in Winter Park, FL area

Kendra Yahns said

Bestttt experience of my life! Best doctor I could have found! He helped every step of the way! He was soooo professional, welcoming and I always felt more than comfortable in his office! His staff was so accommodating and all my questions got answered immediatley! I had a great referral and I am so glad I found the doctor for me b/c I didn't really know what I wanted and he helped me figure it out and in the end I am SO grateful for his expertise in this field! I wouldn't recommend any other doctor!!! Started out as a 32 A, small B and now I am a 32D and I LOVE it!!! Recovery has been smooth and easy so far, I am listening to Dr's directions and any time I call he gives me answers right away and my expectations have been MORE THAN exceeded w/ this whole experience!

Love em

Cost: 7,500 in NM area

Sarah Kabalka said

I had silicone implants placed about 6 years ago. I absolutely love them. I'm way more confident in my own skin and my husband is happy because I'm able to enjoy our time together more without being self conscious and such. I think silicone moves and feels way better than saline. The scars are under the breast crease and almost invisible.

No one mentions redos

Cost: 4000 - 8000 in Las Vegas area

Teri N said

Everyone who's had them long enough knows that once is not enough. Replace every 10 years. Underarm incision is very difficult to do the removal, so the result is often 2 or more scars! It's overrated.

My new breasts are amazing!

Tara F. said

My new breasts are amazing! My body is porportionate now and the entire surgery from surgery date to full recovery date has been much easier than others say it will be. I went from a small B to a small D. So happy!

Lift and Implant

Vicky O. said

Had a lift and implant when i turned 50. my breasts were sagging and needed the help! they look great now and my husband, a former skeptic, cant stop complimenting me! he even says they have made me look slimmer!

Look and feel natural

Whitney L. said

I was a small A at age 25 so decided on saline implants which gave me a full C. DOwntime was only a week and full recovery was reached by the 5th month post-op. Although i experience occasional rippling and/or gurgling, my breasts look and feel natural. I am now 1 year post-op.

Breasts look great

Holly D. said

I decided to get implants when i graduated college. I felt no pain during the surgery, was not in any great pain post-op the same day, and was back to work within a week. I felt uncomfortable (chest was slightly heavy/tight) for a couple weeks to a month after, but was fully healed and happy by the 6th month. very satisfied with my results.

Fuller, natural looking, and lifted.

Brenda S. said

a great doctor is essential for a great breast augmentation. My breasts are fuller, natural looking, and lifted. I am so glad i decided to go through with the surgery finally and so glad i chose the doctor i did. I went frm a B to C and i look thinner and more confident! Scars are hardly noticable and it hasnt even been a year!

Bigger and Better!

Cost: $5,400 in Madison, Wisconcin area

Colleen R. said

After having two kids, my breasts looked like deflated water balloons. I’d considered an augmentation for several years, and finally decided to go through with it. I’m so glad I did! I decided to go with silicone implants, under the muscle, with the scar in the crease. I was only out of commission for a few days, which I slept through with painkillers.Best thing I ever did!

Fat grafting to breasts

Tori V. said

Had fat from my buttocks grafted to my breasts to create a natural look. I love how my breasts look now. They are not too large but also not absent! im glad i decided on this surgery rather than on implants..

Used the armpit incision and I've never regretted it.

Carole G. said

I had my breasts augmented 4 years ago. The surgeon suggested an armpit incision for this breast surgery and I am so glad i listened! Post-op i had minimal bruising, a very quick recovery and not a single scar! I had a friend who chose the nipple incision and she still has a scar to this day...I definitely recommend armpit incision!

Nothing but compliments

Brady S. said

I had a breast augmentation with the incision under my arm. There is no real scar and if I ever decide to do them again I will choose this incision point again with no hesitation. Immediately after surgery I didn’t even have very much bruising and while the drains were slightly painful the overall result has been more than worth the short-lived pain. I have gotten so many compliments on how natural my new breasts look.

Breasts look unnatural

Anonymous Reader said

 I had my breasts done about 3 years ago and had to try on different sizes with rice in socks while looking in the mirror. unfortunately I asked for them way too big and now i am very unhappy with my results. my Doctor shouldve offered better advice as to what would look natural


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