Lorenza Izzo Just Dropped Her Very Curated Skin-Care Routine and the Lineup Is One to Love

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Lorenza Izzo Just Dropped Her Very Curated Skin-Care Routine and the Lineup Is One to Love featured image
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Actress Lorenza Izzo—she’s just like us, starring opposite Mr. Jon Hamm in Confess Fletch this fall, debuting Panhandle on Spectrum this week, and having a very finely curated beauty routine that would make even the most steadfast of Sephora shoppers feel pangs of jealousy. “I’m a huge beauty junkie!” says 33-year-old recently, who admits she somewhat separates her beauty routine into “work life” versus real life. “I’m addicted to skin care; I’m addicted to makeup. How much time do you have to hear about it? I can talk about beauty for hours. I love it all!”

You’ve had quite the roles in the past few years. [Izzo has appeared in Hacks, Women is Losers, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.] Are there any beauty moments that stick out?

“More than the product itself, I just love the process. There’s so much that happens. Creating a character is such a team exercise and, by far, beauty is one of the things that helps me the most. One of my biggest tools is asking, ‘What is my face going to look like? What kind of makeup does this character wear? What kind of skin-care routine does this person do? What kind of perfume they wear? What clothes they wear?’ It’s all a trickle-down effect of getting into that role.

There’s also this whole other aspect that happens at the end of the day when we’re removing the makeup. There’s that one moment of the day where everyone just wants to go home, but you’re covered in makeup, and you have to go back to the trailer. Nothing clears my mind and lets me know that the day is over more than when I get to put that hot towel on my face and rub all my makeup off and then do my cleanser and apply that moisturizer. I’ve learned that that’s a good after-work routine for me before I drive back home. There are honestly some days, when we’re on hour ten of filming, where all I can think about is that hot towel coming out!”

What about outside of work?

“All the beauty things that we do in day-to-day life are so important. They’re our rituals! We get up, we do it, we go to bed, we do it. It’s just all the things that we do on a regular basis—hopefully, if you’re responsible with your skin routine—to keep you sane, keep you in rhythm.”

Are there any brands or any products you really love?

“There’s quite a few! You know what, I’m very loyal. Off-duty, my makeup tends to be simple—mainly because my face gets beaten up wearing makeup every day at work. I’m a big fan of Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer—always have been, always will be. It works like a charm. Hourglass is also a favorite brand of mine. They have this thick concealer that I put under my eyes. I learned this technique of just doing a little dot right where the tear duct is and then another one on the side, instead of the old-school way where I looked like I had been skiing for a week and never put sunblock on. We stopped doing that! Now we do the chic way with the Hourglass concealer.

I’m also addicted to curling my eyelashes. I always curl my eyelashes, even when I don’t wear mascara. Fresh has those amazing Sugar lip products; I do that lip treatment in a dark cherry and apply it on my cheeks and on my lips and I’m ready to go. That’s my day-to-day makeup routine.

I’m also obsessed with YSL Touche Éclat—that gold thing! If I need a little bit of an extra eye brightener, it’s great. I also can’t live without Benefit mascara and my Bioderma water for cleansing. Drunk Elephant also has a great cleansing balm that comes with a little spoon. It’s really cute. It’s a green top; I love all their packaging, it’s just easy to find, easy to understand. I’ll put that on my face after a night out and really rub it in. It’s very oily, but it grabs everything and then it foams and your face doesn’t feel dry afterwards. My skin is very reactive, but I have found some good stuff along the way.”

“I can talk about beauty for hours. I love it all!”

I love that one. It’s in my bathroom right now.

“Is it! It’s so great. There’s something very silky and sultry about the texture. I’m really into texture. Emma Hardie, the British skin-care genius, also has a great cleansing balm. Heba, who, for me, is the absolute queen of makeup in the industry—she did Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and she just did Don’t Worry Darling—taught me so many things when we worked together. If she had time, we would do these facials at the end of the day and she would use that balm and that’s why I got into it. I was so scared of oil growing up because I was scared it was going to give me oily skin, but that’s not the case when they’re used properly. That’s when I got hooked into balms for removing makeup, and I love it.”

They are pretty effective.

“It’s easier to get everything out. I don’t know about you, but I’m also always on the hunt for a good eye-makeup remover. I know this is specific, but mascara tends to stick to my lashes and they’re quite delicate. I lose lashes really easily. Weirdly, I found Bobbi Brown—which I know is not what you think of because the brand is more makeup—but Bobbi Brown has this eye-makeup remover ($33) that works so well. I put a drop on a little cotton ball, and I just press it on top of my eyelashes. If you just leave it there for a few seconds and remove it, it all comes off and it doesn’t hurt my eyelashes. That’s been a good trick for me as well.”

Any new discoveries?

“Yes! There’s a really great skin-care brand that smells orgasmic from an Italian woman named Irene Forte. Talk about genius packaging—she has these beautiful bottles made of stone and marble. Her line is really cool because she worked with this Italian woman who has been studying this for decades and is a natural scientist of skin care. They have this serum…you put it on your skin, and you feel like you’re in a botanical garden and you’re the lead orchid of the orchestra in the botanical garden. I don’t know how else to describe it! It makes your skin so luminous and tight. It is one of my favorites currently. You have to try it.”

What about wellness. Anything you do for relaxation or self-care?

“I think it’s safe to say that I have a few different modes [laughs]. I used to be the girl that would wake up as late as possible and just show up for work. Of course, some days, that still happens. I didn’t really have a routine before, but I am getting better. Before, I would just make my coffee and go to work.

I’ve now learned that I am much better at my job—no matter how early the call time is, which can sometimes be 3 in the morning—if I take even five minutes to get on my little yoga mat and do some stretching. If I do that, I have a much better day. It doesn’t have to be a whole thing, but just five minutes of what I call ‘yoga meditating,’ because I’m not ready to call myself someone who meditates quite yet. My brain is on another level of ADD, although I’m undiagnosed. It really helps me to move and get in a flow where my thoughts just calm themselves before going.

After work, I like to have a little glass of red wine, which I know most would be like, ‘That’s not really wellness,’ but I consider it to be self-care. I’ve learned that even the smallest glass of red wine, in the bath—a bath with Epsom salts—is a cure for a lot of things for me.

I also work out like a maniac. If I don’t work out, I’m not a nice person! I work out at least four or five times a week. I do a mix of weightlifting, yoga, Pilates, and basically anything that will exhaust me so that I’m not an angry person! I can’t think of a better reason!”

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