Khloé Kardashian on Eating Two Breakfasts Every Day and Her Number-One Fitness Tip

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This week was a big one for Khloé Kardashian. Although the iconic reality show is officially off the air, the 37-year-old mom remains busy shooting the family’s upcoming Hulu series and accompanying her sister Kim onscreen during her SNL hosting gig. In between her busy schedule, we tapped her to give us her best beauty and wellness secrets—which includes a love of collagen coffee—and tell us exactly how she’s been maintaining her rock-hard physique. While the internet remains steadfast on examining every single part of her from head to toe, she also has some lessons to share on how she blocks out the negativity to also keep her mental health in check.

You’re a big proponent of taking collagen. Why is it so important to you?

“Originally, I started taking collagen because it was so helpful and beneficial after my pregnancy and when I was done breastfeeding. I started losing some of the hair at the front corners of my hairline and was told that collagen was so great for that. I tried it from a few other brands and it didn’t really do much for me. Then, somebody mentioned Dose & Co. and at the time they weren’t sold in the States, yet. The difference in the ingredients is that there’s no additives, no fluff and fillers. I tried it and within about 30 days I noticed a significant difference. Now it’s part of my everyday routine. It makes such a difference for my hair, skin and nails. I also get an energy boost. There’s just so much that I get from it and it’s so easy to incorporate that it’s just a no brainer for me.”

You said before that you use it in your coffee, right? Are you consistent with it?

“I do, I take it every single day and we have so many ways to take it. We have a collagen protein powder shake, we have the pure collagen which I take every day and sprinkle into my coffee before I use my creamer. You can cook with it and add it to pancakes, food, whatever you want, and you’re not going to taste it. We also now have the Marine Collagen Peptide Powder, which basically does everything that the collagen does, it’s just for the people that can’t have bovine like pescatarians. It’s also formulated with vitamin C so it gives you an additional immunity boost.”

What do you eat for breakfast every day?

“I am definitely a creature of habit, so I have about two breakfasts and I rotate between [them] unless I’m on vacation or if I have time on the weekends to make my daughter pancakes, and I definitely eat those with her—she can’t do that alone. But I usually I love steel cut oatmeal. And after my workouts, I’ll do vanilla yogurt with fruit. I’m not a huge breakfast girl but that’s what I’ll do after a workout, because I always have a protein shake immediately after my workout.”


What fitness routine or wellness practice are you currently obsessed with?

“I am really into Pilates right now, although I haven’t done it in about two weeks. Kim and I were just saying, we’ve got to get back into doing Pilates because we notice such a difference in our bodies. We still workout and do circuit training with weights and a little cardio, but to incorporate Pilates in your week at some point, it just fine-tunes the muscles. For wellness, I’ve really been trying to limit my social media time, I guess that’s mental-health wellness. I noticed that so many more people are doing things like a digital detox and I’m really proud of everyone for doing that.”

Your water-bottle trick almost broke our website. It got the most clicks of any story so far this year and it was just a picture of your water bottle.

“Was that not crazy? The comments and requests I got about that crazy gallon jug is so funny to me because it’s just a jug that holds weight in water.”

Do you have any other wellness tricks up your sleeve, besides the two breakfasts?

“Well, besides the two breakfasts, my collagen or the gallon of water, I really think it’s about consistency. If you’re not eating decent—I say ‘decent’ because I don’t eat great all the time either, it’s probably like 70/30…I’ll eat a well-balanced diet 70 percent of the time and have 30 percent that I want the pizza and the treats. When you have a kid, that stuff is so much more accessible. I think if I was too diligent, I wouldn’t stick with it.

I have tried every diet under the sun, and those were just not realistic. I never stuck to anything, so I think whatever you do, you must be consistent with it and be realistic. That giant gallon of water, I had to work myself into doing that. There are still days that I don’t do it, but I don’t beat myself up about it. Also, take baby steps with whatever you’re doing. If it’s starting a new routine and you want to lose weight, don’t say I want to lose 40 pounds in 20 days, that’s so unrealistic and then you’re going to be beat yourself up about it when you don’t get to that goal because it’s unobtainable. Complete small little milestones and then you reward yourself for those milestones.”


You often share your thoughts on social media about all of the unfair online criticism and how it can be overwhelming. What tips do you have for the average person for blocking out that type of online negativity?

“Social media is not the real world and it’s okay to limit it. It’s okay to set boundaries and to not be so accessible. There’s no mystery to life anymore, there’s no wondering what someone’s doing. It’s okay to be active on social media, but to do it in a way that you still create mystery and boundaries. I think it’s totally okay to block people. I know a lot of people, for some reason, don’t like blocking or they don’t like filtering words, but if that helps your mental health and if that makes you feel better, then do what’s right for you. It’s your page.”

“If you were to go into somebody’s home, you’re not going to go in there and start critiquing and analyzing things. You’re going to be respectful and have manners. I think Instagram or your social is essentially an extension of you. These aren’t things people would say these to your face, right? No one’s going to say to a colleague they see at a grocery store, ‘God, you look horrendous in this outfit. Why are you wearing a red lip?’ So, you have to remember that this is still an extension of you and it’s okay to create your own bubble of the people that are actually rooting for you. I think it’s okay to have your page on private and just let your friends correspond with you. I feel like we all feel so obligated to be so exposed to the world when we don’t need to be.”

What is your favorite way to unwind?

“I am a very active person and me and True like to be outside, we’re not big on screen time. I also love to read books, they’re all like self-help type books or books about the other side or spirits. It’s going to sound crazy, but they’re all spiritually uplifting. I will say that I am someone that, in the middle of the day, if I have like 30 to 40 minutes off, and my daughter naps in the afternoon, I just like to be in my room and just be alone. I’m not taking a nap, it’s just me laying horizontally, just relaxing. I’m not necessarily doing anything, but it gives me such a recharge.”

It’s like meditating, a little bit.

“Yeah, it’s sort of like meditating, and I try to not be on my phone during that time because I need to just unwind mentally. Also, every day at 10 p.m. my phone goes on silent. It’s a huge help or else I’d be up all night. I’m a bad sleeper.”

Which body-care products are you most obsessed with?

“I do a lot of scrubs. I get spray tans all the time, so a good scrub is something I love. I also put oils all over my body. I’ll use any body oil, but I do love Bio-Oil. I will also pull out the Theragun when I feel really sore, and I have no idea if it helps with this, but if I feel more cellulite-y one day, I just use it and think I’m going to rub this shit away. I’m just hoping and drinking water and praying it all works.”


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