Bothered by Your Scar? This New Treatment Is Proven to Help Fade It—Fast

Bothered by Your Scar? This New Treatment Is Proven to Help Fade It—Fast featured image
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No surprise here, but scars are famously difficult to treat. To make matters worse, not every scar is the same, meaning the optimal treatment method usually varies from person to person. Luckily, a new product just launched that’s proven to be both effective and versatile enough to be used on multiple types of scars, making it a great option for many. Enter: SkinCeuticals Advanced Scar Control.    

In order to successfully treat your own scars, it’s imperative that you first understand the basics of scarring. So, we tapped Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Catherine Chang, MD, to help explain the different types of scars, the dos and don’ts of aftercare, and how the new SkinCeuticals product works to fade marks fast.

First, what are the different types of scars?

“Scars form anytime an injury process takes place on the skin,” explains Dr. Chang. A scar is simply a collection of skin cells and collagen that have formed at the location of the injury. This reaction can be the result of a wound or surgery.

Scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process, and they can present themselves in different ways. Most commonly, scars can appear as a raised scar, contracture scars formed by burns, or a simple, fine-line scar.

Even though scars are considered permanent, they can significantly fade over a period of up to two years. Topical products and in-office treatments can speed up this healing process and improve the overall outcome.

Can the SkinCeuticals Advanced Scar Control treat most kinds of scars?

Short answer: yes. This treatment is intended to treat various types of scars, from raised scars to burns, thanks to the silicone incorporated into the formula. “Silicones are considered to be the gold standard protective ingredient in the medical community for scar care, as they are known for their occlusive qualities,” explains Dr. Chang. “The silicone in Advanced Scar Control has been shown to flatten raised scars, reduce discoloration and smooth scar texture.”

Because scar tissue often becomes tight and more prominent when not sufficiently hydrated, silicone is a necessity in topical products created for all forms of scars. It’s the universal ingredient that experts can agree works to fade marks—regardless of your skin tone or type.

How does this treatment work at fading scars?

This treatment features four key ingredients that are each powerhouse players in scar reduction. First, there are the silicones that help retain skin’s hydration and allow for versatile application. 

Then, allantoin is included to soothe and protect the skin, along with fatty acids to help condition the skin and improve the appearance of dryness. Silica is also added in order to provide a non-sticky texture that simply glides along the skin upon application.

“Together these ingredients have been clinically proven to improve scar’s overall appearance, reduce visible redness, soften and smooth scar texture, and reduce the intensity of scar discoloration,” says Dr. Chang.

How should you apply this product?

For optimal results, apply a small amount of this gel-like formula evenly to the affected area once daily or as needed. Just be sure to avoid applying it to any broken skin.

It’s also important to apply sunscreen to the scar before any sun exposure as the sun can cause discoloration to form along the mark. By using both SPF and this silicone-based product in conjunction with each other, you significantly improve your chances of diminishing the appearance of hard-to-treat scars.

The bottom line

By applying Advanced Scar Control consistently, users can see a clear difference in the severity of their scars. According to studies conducted by the brand, this treatment can improve the appearance of scars by up to 29 percent, which is a major improvement. So, whether you’re trying to fade surgical scars or minimize burn marks, give this gel formula a chance—your skin will thank you.

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