I Tried the Trending Liquid Microneedling Treatment for Smoother Skin

I Tried the Trending Liquid Microneedling Treatment for Smoother Skin featured image

There is a new microneedling option in town, and from the looks of it, Cellstory might be the most beautiful treatment to undergo. Unlike the spikes of traditional microneedling handpieces with needles that can penetrate deep into the dermis, Cellstory uses a cutting-edge liquid microneedling formula that revitalizes skin using Microspear technology. Developed to enhance skin texture and appearance without traditional microneedling discomfort, I had to give Cellstory a try. Here’s everything I learned about the innovative new treatment along the way.

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How Does Cellstory Liquid Microneedling Work?

“Cellstory is a liquid microneedling treatment that uses patented Microspear technology,” explains medical aesthetician Amy Peterson. I visited her Skincare by Amy Peterson med spa in Miami to experience it for myself. While administering each droplet of Cellstory, Peterson highlighted its unique ability to create microchannels for deep ingredient penetration.

The treatment involves an 8-step process conducted by a trained aesthetician or dermatologist. During step five, the Microspear technology with 50,000 liquid microneedles is applied to the skin with medium pressure.

Peterson explains the process while applying the Microsphere formula to my skin.

Where do the Microspears come from and how do they work?

According to medical aesthetician Brittany Blancato, “Microspears are made from hydrolyzed freshwater sponges cultivated in fresh water. While hydrolyzed sponges have been a staple in Korean skin care for many years, this particular Microspear undergoes a unique 13-step purification process,” she says. “They are coated with potent growth factors, plant stem cells, amino acids and botanical calming extracts, which can brighten skin tone, soften skin texture and reduce fine lines.”

How Is Liquid Microneedling Different from Radio-Frequency Microneedling?

The primary focus of liquid microneedling is to enhance hydration, improve skin texture and promote collagen production. It is considered a gentler and less-invasive procedure compared to radio-frequency microneedling, with minimal discomfort and downtime. “Cellstory focuses on gentle resurfacing and hydration without the associated discomfort and downtime,” says Peterson.

How Many Treatments Are Recommended?

What should you plan for? It depends, but most people will opt for a series of treatments. “Cellstory can deliver noticeable results after just one treatment session,” says Blancato, emphasizing its efficacy in addressing various skin concerns.

“For optimal results, a series of up to four Cellstory treatments, performed once per week, is recommended,” Peterson tells me.

This part of the treatment was relaxing and I felt nothing. It was only later that I would feel like small shards of glass were implanted in my skin. It was only “spicy” when I touched it.

What Is the Downtime Associated with Liquid Microneedling?

Expect to be a little red afterward, but side effects are mild. “After a Cellstory treatment, patients may experience mild redness, dryness and a tingling sensation,” explains Blancato.

How Much Does the Cellstory Treatment Cost?

“Prices will vary, however, the Cellstory treatment is priced at $350 per session,” states Peterson. “A package of three sessions is available for $1200,” she adds, making it an accessible needle-free option.

My Cellstory Review

Having experienced Cellstory firsthand, I found it to be an excellent alternative to traditional microneedling and energy-based treatments. The initial sensation, akin to having “little pieces of glass in my face overnight,” was temporary, subsiding within a day. Post-treatment, my skin felt slightly rough and appeared red, but within 48 hours, it started to soften and regain its natural glow. Using gentle products like Cicalfate cream helped in the healing process, resulting in visibly improved skin texture and tone within days to a week. I would definitely do it again, knowing it would take a solid week before my face felt super smooth. Whether for treating acne, reducing fine lines, or enhancing overall skin radiance, I liked it as a versatile choice and another option in our skin-care arsenal.

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