5 Tips I Tell Everyone 2 Years After My Breast Lift and Reduction

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It’s been two years since I decided to undergo a breast reduction and lift, and looking back, the number-one thing I tell everyone is that I wish I had done it sooner. This sentiment is something I share with my large-chested friends and acquaintances who ask me for advice—do it now. The transformation wasn’t just physical; it profoundly boosted my confidence and comfort in my own skin.

I deliberated for years, like many women with large breasts, mainly due to fears of the prominent anchor scar. This non-negotiable scar encircles the nipple and extends beneath the breast, occupying considerable real estate on the body. Despite the scar situation, statistics reveal an increasing number of women opting for similar procedures. In 2023, the American Society for Plastic Surgeons reported a 54 percent rise in cosmetic breast reduction surgeries from 2019 to 2022—a pretty big increase. It makes me feel good to know I’m not alone.

Reflecting on my journey, having undergone the procedure in my 40s, I feel compelled to share a few more tips I learned along the way, hoping it inspires anyone considering a breast reduction or lift.

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Try to Stabilize Your Weight Loss Before Surgery

My surgery was scheduled for July 2022, and it was around September of that year, prompted largely by my new smaller frame, I started a weight-loss program. While I was successful shedding the pounds post-surgery, it taught me a valuable lesson. I lost about 50 pounds and it altered the volume and shape of my end result. I lost a lot of upper pole volume my surgeon skillfully created with his lifting technique.

Looking back, I realize the importance of achieving a stable weight before surgery to maximize and maintain the desired results. If you’re considering surgery and have started or want to start on a weight-loss program, make sure you’re where you want to be before your procedure, or you may not end up with the results you really want.

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Consider a Side Boob Reduction

During my consultation, I learned about the option to reduce “side boob” during my surgery. I was worried about the extended scar, but more than that I was concerned I would have this wonderful result with my breasts but excess skin around my bra would keep me from wearing the clothes I wanted. This decision was the second best decision I made after opting for my surgery. If you opt to go this route, get garments with added support after the procedure. The Marena Flexfit Ultra-High Coverage Compression Bra ($72) helps maintain breast position and shape, especially after a side boob reduction, offering adjustable compression ideal for recovery.

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Keep Scar Cream Everywhere

Firstly, the importance of scar care cannot be overstated. From the outset, I kept scar creams everywhere—in my bathroom, on my nightstand, in my purse, and even in my makeup bag. I diligently used various types of scar treatments, creams, gels, balms, always understanding that treating my scars every day would lessen their visibility over time. All my hard work paid off, and eventually, my scars faded and blended into my skin beautifully. While they’re still there, they’re barely noticeable to me anymore. Keeping a quick solution like the ProSil Silicone Stick ($37) made it easy to remain complaint about my aftercare.

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Act Earlier for Scar Treatments

One thing I wish I had done differently was to explore scar treatments earlier. Waiting until they were fully healed slowed down my progress in minimizing their appearance. Discussing this with my surgeon sooner would have presented options such as laser treatments, which can help to smooth and lighten scars. Advanced cosmetic tattooing can also minimize breast surgery scars. During a recent interview with medical tattoo artist Priscila Iwama, she mentioned that the opposite is true for cosmetic tattooing to conceal scars, you actually should wait. You can undergo tattooing after laser treatment, but Iwama says it should typically be six months to a year after you’ve healed. “By meticulously blending pigments, we can seamlessly integrate scars, from breast lifts or other procedures, into the surrounding skin tone.”

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Nipple Covers Are Your New Bra

Embracing nipple covers as my new “bra” was liberating after surgery. I discovered the freedom of going braless without compromising the lift’s results. I stocked up on reusable nipple covers of various styles, feeling empowered to wear backless outfits I had long avoided. Booby Tape ($11) has one of my favorite reusable silicone nipple covers that blend seamlessly with the skin, never hurt coming off and really helped me embrace a new bra-free life.

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