Celebrity Stylist Brad Goreski on Treating Rosacea, Quarantine TikToks and Finding Inpso Without a Red Carpet

Celebrity Stylist Brad Goreski on Treating Rosacea, Quarantine TikToks and Finding Inpso Without a Red Carpet featured image

With quarantine in full effect and a large portion of television production shut down, this year has allowed Hollywood’s cream of the crop to rise up in innovative, new ways. Keeping us entertained—as he has for years as a commentator for E!’s Fashion Police and a true arbiter of style— it’s no wonder celebrity stylist Brad Goreski also kept us laughing during some of our most isolated hours, with social media posts that featured his husband, Gary Janetti, or a bevy of notable reality TV stars and an assortment of wigs.

Here, Goreski shares details about his important partnership to help spread awareness about rosacea, a prevalent skin concern that he too faces, and how he’s been able to spread good cheer to his viewers and countless strangers on the web.   

NewBeauty: When were you diagnosed with rosacea and have you found a treatment that works for you?
Brad Goreski: I struggled with rosacea for what feels like my whole life. I had a lot of “trial and error” moments trying to manage my rosacea until I ultimately realized I had to work with my dermatologist to find the best path forward. I finally decided enough was enough when I was prepping for my wedding day and refused to spend the most important day of my life worrying about it. So, I spoke to my dermatologist and she recommended a prescription treatment plan which I followed to get clearer skin. With clearer skin, I was able to confidently pose for all my wedding photos with Gary. 

NB: What about covering it up? Do you use any tinted products that help if you have to be on camera or in public?
BG: I was always looking for ways to cover up my rosacea before I reached clearer skin with a prescription treatment. People shouldn’t have to feel powerless over their skin or constantly worried about covering it up like I was, so through my partnership with Galderma I’m encouraging others to Face Up to Rosacea by talking to a dermatologist to find a treatment plan that works for them. The website includes great resources like an interactive discussion guide to help rosacea sufferers personalize their conversations with their dermatologists. Before I sought professional help, I was always that guy digging in my mom’s makeup bag and pulling out her concealer or her cover-up; ones with a green tint are good for balancing out my redness. As my career progressed, being red-carpet ready involved a lot of prep and that included trying to cover up my rosacea. In my personal life, I (shockingly) used to avoid photos with my friends and family because of it.

NB: What does your skin-care routine consist of for day and night?  
BG: I love experimenting with new products, but because of my rosacea I have to be careful about what I use and most importantly, keep it in check with my prescription cream from my dermatologist, so that’s definitely a big part of my morning routine. After that I roll out my face, do a serum, a moisturizer, the occasional undereye cream and sunscreen! Some might say I’m excessive with my sunscreen use, but it’s such an important step in any skin-care routine—and especially for those suffering from rosacea. At night I’ll wash my face with a gentle cleanser and focus on hydrating. 

NB: What has brought you the most joy during this year of “unprecedented times?” We’ve been loving your Starbucks content and Real Housewives impersonations on TikTok. 
BG: Gary and I have become closer than ever in quarantine which inevitably brings joy. We love spending time together and tuning into our favorite Bravo shows which also help inspire my TikToks. The Real Housewives TikToks have really exploded in quarantine and have given me something fun to escape to and stay busy with. I now have a giant wig collection to get into character and have so much fun putting together each look to be as close to the real thing as possible.

NB: You really made us laugh with your social media content during quarantine. How has social media helped you stay connected? 
BG: I’ve definitely been able to interact with so many great people through my social media in quarantine, which has been really fun for me. It started with the daily Bradbucks updates and then with the Real Housewives TikToks which have gotten so much love and connected me to so many new people. I’ve heard from most of the Housewives and they love it! I am such a fan so it’s really fun to have their blessing! Through my partnership with Galderma’s Face Up to Rosacea campaign, I also met New York dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss who’s known as #pillowtalkderm and we got the chance to educate our followers on rosacea symptoms via an Instagram Live…which we got to do from comfort of our beds in true quarantine style!

NB: What about staying creative and staying on top of trends when we’ve seen everything that usually inspires us like runways, events and red carpets have been put on pause?
BG: While there aren’t traditional red carpets, there are still plenty of socially distanced photo shoots, virtual shoots, virtual press tours, and virtual talk show appearances that require styling for clients. This new landscape just forces us to get a bit more creative. There’s an emphasis on “waist-up” style like big earrings, florals, ruffles and statement pieces to keep things fun and engaging. Taking away essentially half of a look has pushed us to think outside of the box since there’s less to work with when all of the action is through a laptop camera. 

NB: What projects can we expect from you in the coming year?
BG: Gary and I will hopefully be able to finish our travel show Brad and Gary Go To for HBO MAX and I am hosting a beauty competition show with Nene Leakes that we just shot the pilot for.  

NB: If you could take any three products with you on a desert island, what would they be and why?
BG: First, Joanna Vargas Super Nova Serum ($295). I put this over-the-counter serum on before bed and wake up feeling fresh. I love the iS Clinical Active Serum ($138), actually I love all of over-the-counter iS Clinical products, but the Active Serum really helps keep my skin clear from pimples. I’d also take the Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Mask ($120) because it’s so soothing and hydrating. For a bonus product: Since we’re talking about rosacea, I’d have to take my prescription cream to keep all of my symptoms in check and maintain my self-care.

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