Water-Based Skin Care: Why They're the Next Big Thing

The next big thing on our radar? Products that contain a base of water. Products with a high water content are more compatible with a wider variety of skin types and is also a natural way for skin to remain hydrated.

“To meet the demand of women who want well-hydrated skin, beauty brands are creating products that focus on deep hydration by packing moisture into the dermis in the form of water-based products. They are formulated to infuse skin with hydration without disrupting the moisture barrier,” says Alicia Yoon, CEO of Peach and Lily, explains.

Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam, an e-commerce site specializing in curated Korean beauty products, says that, “Dewy, luminous skin is the ideal in South Korea, and staying hydrated with mists, powerful moisturizers and essences are how these women achieve that look.” According to Richard You, general manager for Dr. Jart+, “In the Asian market, women believe that water is a primary component of skin, so using it keeps skin looking young and fresh. Water-based products are the next big thing in the beauty world.”

Water-based products are a two-fold category. There are those that contain water as an ingredient, and then there are those that have a watery or liquid texture. “Water-based formulations layer well with other products and work toward the end goal of helping to keep skin better hydrated so that other products absorb properly and function more effectively. Because of these findings, many brands have launched watery ‘booster essences’ or ‘first essences’ to prep the skin,” says Yoon. Anything that has a watery feel to it, like a toner, tonic, essence, mist, watery gel or even micellar water (no-rinse waters that remove dirt, oil and makeup), falls under this umbrella. Products that are water-based or have a watery consistency should be applied to skin at the beginning of your skin-care regimen.