How Important Are Cruelty-Free Cosmetics to You?

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There is a lot to consider when purchasing a new product: the color, the texture, the cost, the smell and more. But it turns out that there’s one more label that many women take into consideration before choosing.

According to a recent survey conducted by Vitacost, a whopping 75 percent of women prefer products that are cruelty-free. What’s more, 36.7 percent of women said that most of the products they already own fall under that description.

Because there is currently no legal standard for what can and can’t be defined as “cruelty-free,” it’s easy to be misled. That’s why researchers at the University of Missouri and Oregon have pushed lawmakers to create a legal definition.

While some major beauty brands have been called out for misleading their clientele, brands like AHAVA, Bare Escentuals, C.O. Bigelow and DuWop have maintained their cruelty-free status.

So now we want to know about you: Does it matter if your cosmetics are cruelty-free? Tell us in the comments below!

  • DEb
    Posted on

    Why would anyone be so heartless cruel and barbaric and use disgusting cruel products that are tested on animals ?!?! I have absolutely no respect for people that use animal tested cosmetics or the dirty companies like Proctor and Gamble that test on animals ! Would these companies and people who by the crap that is animal tested like to volunteer themselves to have the products tested in their eyes or have big open wounds dug into their skin and then have a product poured into the open gapping wound ? Research where you products come from , its not hard. Look on the product to see if it states that it is not tested on animals, or go online there are tons of ethical websites that let you know if a products has be used to torture animals. And most of the companies that do test on animals also contain dirty Parabens !

  • Vita <3
    Posted on

    I am doing an English report on whether we should end animal experimentation or not. From what i have been reading so far from my research I definitely prefer cruelty-free make up. Animals shouldn't have to suffer and die for our beauty supplies Also, animals react differently to different chemicals, so it is hard to interpret what the results from an animal would mean for a human. They would give us misleading result. We are not rabbits, dogs, chimps... so they should not be experimented. :)

  • Posted on

    With the wide range of products for all skin types, conditions and more - There's no need for animal cruelty. Companies can afford to invest more money in technology and make sure products are safe and deliver results that are both efficacious and guarantee proper delivery. Another issue in mind here is our skin does not react the same as an animal would. I want my skincare to be effective and target skin concerns that are important to me and to my skin type and condition. Not only its important that animals not be harmed in the process but also that I get whats best for me and my patients!

  • Mae
    Posted on

    Absolutely! If an animal suffered for the creation of a product, why would I want that product on my face?

  • Deborah
    Posted on

    I will not buy anything that isn't PETA or Leaping Bunny certified as being cruelty-free. Period.

  • Antonia Gauer
    Posted on

    It's extremely important. We have no right to put sentient beings through torture just to make ourselves feel or look better. Also important is not to blindly believe that specific chemicals are OK to be placed on the skin because the cosmetics firms tell us they are safe.

  • Breanna
    Posted on

    Yes it's very important to me that the products I use are cruelty free. There's no reason that any animals should be harmed for human products. I also don't believe that using products on animals helps to see how it will affect people. We are different from animals, so why test products on animals instead of humans? Animals cannot volunteer themselves to be tested but people can and will. So not only do I think it's wrong to use animals for experimental purposes, I also don't think it is purposeful to use them for testing at all, whether they're being harmed or not.

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