This Natural Deodorant Is Meant to Be Worn at Night and We Are Sold

Photo Credits: Nala

Let's Just Get to the Point:
Natural deos don't always work...this one does, but it's designed to be worn at night.

If You Want to Know More:
Developed by a mom-daughter duo, Nala prides itself on being a truly "free-from" beauty line—as in free from a laundry list of toxic ingredients commonly found in cosmetics. The Canadian brand makes only three products—all natural deodorants that come with a decidedly non-deodorant price of $26—and all three of them smell magically fresh and delicious and are packaged inside the most chic-modern of containers. 

I wanted to like them, but, like a lot of other natural deodorant skeptics (and I have tried my fair share), I wasn't convinced they would actually work. The outside smell was amazing—I tested the "pink," a citrus-geranium mix that has such a fantastic fragrance that I would seriously consider applying it to my legs as a lotion—but, meanwhile, I was bracing myself to see what kind of other smells might be involved being sans my normal deodorant.

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I started slow: The instructions advised applying at night for the "detox" process to work. I wasn't doing much over the weekend, so I figured if the deo didn't work, there wasn't too much at stake. I went to bed the first night not thinking much of it, but I couldn't shake how really, really good the deodorant smelled before I dozed. Sweet dreams.

The next morning, I applied it again and everything went swimmingly in the sweat department. I was outside a bunch and the temps were high; in a cotton T-Shirt, I definitely perspired but, for lack of a better descriptor, it didn't stink. Sold.

I've been using the deodorant now for four days and I can honestly say I won't be swapping it any time soon. It smells so, so good and the fact that it actually works without any of the funky stuff is a solid testimonial.