Sephora Is Getting Heat for Carrying This Eye Shadow

Urban Decay’s metallic-purple eye shadow, “Druggie,” received some heat when it first launched (it's part of the Afterdark Palette). Now, Sephora is getting full-on backlash for carrying it in its stores—so much so that a petition is making the rounds.

According to HeatStreet, more than 1,000 people have signed the petition, which is urging both Urban Decay and Sephora to rename the shadow. “Using the term ‘druggie’ in your eye shadow palette is not only making light of 76,522 deaths; it is also incredibly heartless to the families of those who lost a loved one. The majority of your customers are young women and men, many of whom are looking to you to set an example of how to handle social situations, what terms to use, and what is right and wrong. When you associate the word "Druggie" with an eye shadow palette that is intended (or at least marketed as) a "night out" palette, you are glamorizing drug use. This is not OK.”

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Sephora addressed the complaints and Tweeted an apology Friday, later telling The Huffington Post that, “We deeply apologize to anyone who was offended by the name of this shade. We would never seek to do that. The shade was in a limited-edition palette and was not planned to be re-ordered.”

  • K. Lyn
    Posted on

    I'd be more worried about "Paralyzed", but no one else seems to be.

  • Amy
    Posted on

    Did anyone else happen to notice it is positioned right next to "Backfire" ?

  • Brittny
    Posted on

    So, can I still order the set? Cuz I love the colors😍😂

  • Athena
    Posted on

    Seriously? This is getting petitions just don't buy it! It's makeup and it's no worse than other makeipnnames.

  • Taylor
    Posted on

    It's just a name!!!!!!!! Who cares!!!!!!!! I love urban decay and I don't do drugs nor am I a druggie

  • Cortney
    Posted on

    They have all sorts of reduculous names... just don't read them if you like the shadows. My father was a druggie and committed suicide. I'll still buy it. Give me a break people. Next they won't be able to label milk homogenized.

  • Emily
    Posted on

    This is ridiculous. Urban has always had salacious names. Their original slogan was beauty with an edge. My fav shadow of theirs is roach, they even have Snatch and baked and half baked.. get a new hobby

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