Blackhead Vacuums Are The Latest Pore-Cleaning Tools to Break the Internet

Pimple popping and blackhead removal is having a (very strange) moment. It has been a huge part of the 2016 beauty trends we’ve seen surface on the Internet. Whether it’s watching videos of Dr. Pimple Popper pop a big one or a whole blackhead removal operation, these videos are all equal parts disgusting and captivating. And now there’s another one piggy backing on this fascination.

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The latest video of this Internet craze shows a facial pore cleanser in action—aka a blackhead removal vacuum.  The device slides around the skin, pulling up whole small sections of skin, sucking up blackheads. Basically the same thing your at-home vacuum does to your rug, this does to your face. It’s a little crazy, but kind of cool all the same.

To see other pore vacuum tools (a Panasonic version from Japan is a blogger favorite) that have been making the rounds on the Internet recently and how they work, check out these videos below: