Cindy Crawford Reveals the One Food She Avoids to Look Her Best

Cindy Crawford Reveals the One Food She Avoids to Look Her Best featured image

To say that Cindy Crawford is a beauty icon would be an understatement. The American supermodel, who will turn the big 5-0 in February, has been featured on more than 400 magazine covers and continues to inspire a whole new generation of models. In addition to her beauty line, Meaningful Beauty, and her home furniture collection, Cindy recently debuted her new book, Becoming, which gives us a glimpse of her life and career (the photos are gorgeous!). Here, we get even more up close and personal with the star.

NewBeauty: How has the modeling world changed since you started?
Cindy Crawford: This new group of young models has the power of social media behind them, which means they can portray themselves the way they want to and not just be dependent on the pictures that people take of them. They can say, “This is my personality and this is what I’m interested in”—it’s great and it lets them do their own brand building.

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NB: What about the beauty industry?
CC: Beauty products have become much more innovative since I started modeling—the efficacy is incredible. When my mom started using face cream years ago, she didn’t have products that were really actually doing stuff; they more so just felt good on her skin. Now, women expect more from their skin care.

NB: What are your must-have products from your Meaningful Beauty collection?
CC: Definitely the Antioxidant Day Crème with SPF 20, because it’s so important to protect your skin from the sun. Even if you don’t think you’re in the sun, you’re in the sun. And also the Lifting Eye Crème. I really use the whole line—I love a good skin care system. The fun thing about being the muse for Dr. Sebagh (Jean-Louis Sebagh, the French anti-aging skin specialist Cindy started working with more than 10 years ago) is that I can tell him about the skin issues I’m dealing with—if I need more hydration or brightening, etc—and he will develop products based on my needs. I feel like a lot of Meaningful Beauty customers have my same concerns.

NB: What advice do you pass on to your daughter Kaia (currently 14 years old and beginning her modeling career)?
CC: I tell her to stop and think before she posts something on social media—she’s very good about it and realizes that people are always looking. She actually takes my advice when it comes to modeling because she knows that I know what I’m talking about (laughs). I’ve taught her to show up on time and go to sleep early the night before a shoot. It’s important to treat it like a job, as I have always done. It’s a great job, but it’s still a job. As far as beauty advice, since she’s only 14, I just tell her to wear sunscreen and wash her face before she goes to bed.

NB: What is your number-one beauty tip?
CC: I could say I put Cheetos under my eyes when I sleep, but honestly, I don’t have any crazy beauty tips. For me, it’s more about regular maintenance. The one thing I will say though, is that at a certain age, I just couldn’t have soy sauce anymore—it made me really puffy. So now, I just have lemon on my sushi.

NB: Which social media outlet do you use the most?
CC: I was kind of late to the social media game. I wasn’t really looking for that type of exposure and I didn’t really understand it or use it for a while. I didn’t do Facebook for a long time and then I started doing Twitter, but it wasn’t really until Instagram (she’s nearing 800,000 followers) that I got involved. I like Instagram because it’s primarily visual. What’s interesting to me is that what seems to resonate most with fans is the moment in between the moments—it’s the opposite of the totally manufactured, glossy images they’re used to seeing in magazines. It kind of makes sense, but for my generation, we’re not used to having 100 different images to choose from. We used to take just one picture and see how it turned out. Because images have become, in some ways, more disposable, people are more willing to put out silly ones or ones with bad angles. It’s a more immediate connection with fans.

NB: What does your regular fitness regimen look like?
CC: If I’m home, I work out three days a week with a trainer. I start out with 15 minutes of cardio, then we do squats, lunges and triceps and biceps with weights in a gym—free weights are important for muscle tone. I also try to go for a hike, a walk or a bike ride once a week with my family or a friend. When I’m traveling, I figure out what is best in the place I’m in. If I’m in Miami and the weather is gorgeous, I’ll go for a long walk along the beach, which is a great way to get exercise and be outside. Whatever workout floats your boat, whatever makes you do it, just do it!

NB: You’ve said you’re not good with diets. How come?
CC: When you’re on a diet, all you think about are the things you aren’t eating. I know what’s good for me and what isn’t. It’s all about moderation and studying your body to see what works for you. I try to be a good role model for my daughter, too. I don’t want her to see me obsessing over food.

NB: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
CC: I definitely like chocolate, as well as my husband’s tequila. It’s so much a part of how we like to entertain and host dinners with friends.

NB: What is one thing your fans would be surprised to learn about you?
CC: I like to cook; I’m a good cook. I also like to play games of all types and I’m pretty competitive. Even my husband says, “You can let the kids win honey,” and I’m like, “No!” (laughs)

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