Q: What is the average recovery time for fat transfer to correct under eye hallows?

What our experts say:

The average time for recovery from fat transfer to the lower eyes is approximately one week.  Certainly this is variable based on ones tendency to bruise.  The lower eyelid area is quite vascular, but the fat should be placed directly adjacent to the bone and this will often decrease the chance for bruising.  We recommend that patients be off aspirin and other products that can increase bleeding for two weeks prior to the procedure.
We feel that the procedure is quite safe when done by an experienced doctor with a good understanding of the anatomy around the eyes.  The fat transfer is semi-permanent and the results can be expected to be long lasting.

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Dr. Brent Smith

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Littleton, Colorado

Fat transfer is a safe and effective technique to address under eye hollows and volume loss to the cheeks.  Typically, most patients report a recovery of around 1 week.  The recovery from this procedure may involve resolution of bruising to the treated area as well as reduction of swelling to this area after the procedure is performed.  Many patients choose this procedure because it provides the potential for greater longevity.  We conducted a recent study of patients who had fat transfer to the under eye area and cheeks and many patients obtained results of 3 years and up to 5 years.  The procedure is safe, but needs to be performed by a surgeon with experience in this technique to avoid issues such as asymmetry or lumps.

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Dr. Cory Yeh

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Laguna Woods, California

I don't perform fat transfer.  I prefer hyaluronic acid filler injections to the tear troughs to correct orbital volume loss.

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Dr. Davis Nguyen

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, California

I do not perform fat transfer.  I feel it is unpredictable because some of the fat will die off and lead to asymmetries that are difficult to correct.  Also fat transferred has the possibility of increasing in size in an unproportional way if the person who has had it done on themselves gains weight because the transferred fat will grow.

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Drs. Kelly V. Bomer & James Bouzoukis

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