Laser Away Bad Breath

By Shellie Terry Benson February 21, 2012
We’re all anxious about our breath from time to time, especially after eating a particularly pungent meal, but those who suffer from chronic bad breath may not even realize they […]

How Sleep Can Make Your Breath Stink

By NewBeauty Staff February 8, 2012
Sleeping on your back might be the reason you have to pop Altoids like a fresh breath-seeking fiend. It may sound strange, but the position your head is angled at […]

Mental Health And Dental Health

By Marci Robin November 15, 2010
Antidepressants are widely advertised, and all of the commercials list many kinds of possible side effects. One risk that never makes the commercial cut, however, is the dental kind. Some […]

Is Your Bad Breath In Your Imagination?

By Marci Robin January 31, 2010
Experts agree that a bacterial breakdown of proteins on the tongue is what usually causes bad breath, and that dry mouth, sinus problems, certain prescription medications, and even diabetes can […]

How Silver Can Save Your Skin, Scalp And Smile

By NewBeauty Editors January 11, 2010
Best known for its ability to kill bacteria on contact, silver deeply cleanses the skin, preventing the bacteria buildup that can lead to clogged pores, acne, inflammation and redness. It […]

The Basis For Bad Breath

By December 3, 2009
Bad breath is widely believed to be caused, in most cases, by the breakdown of bacteria in one’s mouth. However, who it happens to chronically, and why, has been a […]

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