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Coffee culture is an endless source of inspiration — from incredible creations, latte art and unique flavors, there’s something for everyone in the world of coffee. Even…nail inspo? Latte nails are taking the internet by storm, and we’re rounding up the most gorgeous shades and designs to guide your next manicure. From the darkest roast to the extra drizzle topping, these are the café classics and the roast with the most. Discover your perfect blend and pour a cup of nail inspiration.

What Are Latte Nails?

We all know coffee comes in a lot of different forms. This trend plays on all the different ways we get a cup of Joe via your manicure, featuring a variety of white, rich dark brown, and brighter tan nail polishes. Feel free to get as creative as your coffee order; latte nails can run the gamut from sweet creamy white (foam topping, anyone) to the cool khaki of a Chai latte.

And since this writer (hi) was a barista for three years, we have the know-how to make your coffee-curated look a stand-out, Instagram-worthy manicure.

The Top Nail Trends of the Summer

With new nail trends set every day by major stars, it’s a good time to take stock of the looks dominating the season. From jammy nails to matching your nails to your Stanely cup, there are no shortage of trendy looks to choose from. But it’s clear that among the dozens of potential trends, there are some top-performing looks.

Celebrity manicurist and JINsoon brand founder Jin Soon Choi, who works with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Taylor Russell previously told NewBeauty that her summer is packed with trendy looks like jelly nails and french manicures.

Blush nails are really having a moment—it’s all about bringing that soft, feminine touch to your fingertips,” Choi says.

Latte Nails Inspiration

1 / 20

Best “Whipped Topping”

Londontown Chelsea Porcelain ($16)

One of the best parts of any latte are the toppings — and a rich, full-bodied white that evokes the sweetest of whip creams is the perfect way to start your latte nails journey.


latte nails
2 / 20

Best “Espresso Bean”

Static Nails VAMP COFFIN Reusable Pop-On Manicures® ($18)

Dark and addictive, the espresso bean is the key to a phenomenal latte. When they’re ready for roasting, an espresso bean catches light in a stunning gloss, just like in this gorgeous press-on set from Static Nails.

latte nails
Static Nails
3 / 20

Best “Full-Bodied Blend”

LUXXI Nails Chocolate Nails ($16)

Is there anything better than finding your perfect roast? This stunning matte-gloss set from LUXXI evokes a just-opened bag of your favorite blend.

latte nails
4 / 20

Best “Coffee Oil Slick”

Mooncat Dark Horse ($15)

Reflective, chromatic and color-reflecting, this is dark coffee over-cooked on the burner, but not on your nails. This coffee hue takes on an oil-like quality so perfectly captured in this striking finish.


latte nails
5 / 20

Best “Dark Roast”

OPI Infinite Shine Not Afraid of the Dark ($15)

Bold, dark and deep, a dark roast is for someone who’s into coffee for the flavor, seriously. The strongest roasts surely make for the boldest looks.

latte nails
OPI Nails
6 / 20

Best “Italian Blend”

All the rich flavor and dark color of a signature Italian blend roast, this set of coffin nails could bury the mob wife trend all on their own.

IG _leonanails
7 / 20

Best “Mocha Latte”

Most of the time, a latte is going to have a milky tone, creating a light brown or tan shade. The exception is the mocha latte, where dark chocolate overtakes steamed milk for a rich, dark hot-chocolate look.

latte nails
8 / 20

Best “Just Add Milk”

Olive & June Pumpkin Spice Latte Set ($45)

Get the perfect ombrè gradient and mimic that just-added-milk-moment when colors combine and deliciousness is made. This full set of colors from Olive & June take you from deep coffee to whipped topping.

latte nails
Olive and June
9 / 20

Best “Caramel Frap”

Olive & June Caramel Bundino ($9)

A milkshake, a coffee drink, a frozen caramel experience, this color embodies the addictive frappè without the metric ton of sugar.

latte nails
Olive and June
10 / 20

Best “Caramel Coffee”

How rich should your coffee be? This nail look provesthat there’s no limit to  sugary goodness when you’re getting the rich, caramel tones of a good latte.

IG: elize_nails
11 / 20

Best “Caramel Macchiato”

The key to the American Macchiato (If you’ve ever ordered an Italian Macchiato, I salute you) is the careful balanced layers. Just like this manicure, you want separation between the bold white of milk (or milk substitute of your choice), and that caramel coffee on top.

latte nails
12 / 20

Best “Extra Drizzle”

Glamnetic Boogie Brown ($17)

Is it even a caramel latte if there’s not a gorgeous ring around the cup? This Glamnetic set will have you saying yes to extra drizzle, please!

Glamnetic Nails
13 / 20

Best “Medium Roast”

Manicurist Green Flash™ Led Gel Polish Orme ($19)

Brighter and lighter than the bold Italian and French Roasts are the medium blends. These are the Pikes’ Place blends of the world, and the roasted beans are a softer shade of brown.


latte nails
14 / 20

Best “Coffee Ring”

Static Nails Double French Round Reusable Pop-On Manicures® ($20)

Ever put a latte down on a white napkin and left that tell-tale ring behind? This resuable pop-on set is the perfect glam way to embody that café signature.


latte nails
Static Nails
15 / 20

Best “Flat White”

Static Nails Toasted Sugar Reusable Pop-On Manicures® ($20)

Made with whole milk and carefully poured for the maximum blend, a flat white isn’t white. A light milky brown just like Static Nails’ Toasted Sugar, this drink is a strong cup in a light package.


latte nails
Static Nails
16 / 20

Best “Iced Chai Latte”

A spicy haven for summer, the iced chai is the not-coffee caffeine kick an afternoon needs. This tea concentrate mixed with milk creates a smooth khaki color that’s to die for.

latte nails
17 / 20

Best “Dolce Topping”

LUXXI Nails Dolce Nails ($16)

A dusting of cinnamon is one of the best ways to top a latte, just like a warm brown french tip is one of the best ways to accessorize your nails.

latte nails
18 / 20

Best “Iced Caramel Latte”

LUXXI Nails Sand Nails ($16)

When you add espresso, caramel, ice and milk, you get a visual swirl of delicious flavors. But that moment of combination doesn’t last forever, unless you capture it with a set of Sand nails, that is.


latte nails
19 / 20

Best “Ultra Blonde”

There are some of us that take our coffee with so much milk it might as well be an all-dairy drink. The result is a color a lot closer to blonde than it is to brown.

IG clawedbyjamey
20 / 20

Best “Steamed Milk”

LUXXI Nails Mylk Nails ($16)

The core of the latte is steamed milk, and that frothy goodness is exactly what this Mylk set provides. This daring dairy look is the perfect way to honor a good cuppa.

latte nails

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