Restore The Contour That Has Faded From Your Face

We've watched as fat injections evolved into a popular option for replacing facial volume lost with age. However, despite the growing number of people opting for this long-lasting transfer, not everyone feels ready for an invasive intervention.

Lierac looks to mimic the effect of fat injections with their Lipofilling Night Volume Correction Intense Regenerating Cream. Setting itself apart from other night creams, it doesn't just hydrate skin as you sleep; it works on cellular renewal at this important part of the circadian cycle, making the most of your regenerating potential.

A blend of peptides, hyaluronic acid and lesser-known botanicals like anemarrhena and guggul help to improve the appearance of facial contours and volume in areas where it's needed most.

With nightly use, you start waking up to skin that feels more dense and elastic, and, in turn, looks more youthful. The effects may not be as dramatic or long-term as fat injections, but for those who aren't ready, it's an easy alternative with pleasing results.


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