Why Becca Tobin Calls This In-Office Treatment ‘The Thing that Makes Her Skin the Best’

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Why Becca Tobin Calls This In-Office Treatment ‘The Thing that Makes Her Skin the Best’ featured image
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Whether you know her from her role on Glee, listen to her LadyGang podcast, read her New York Times best-seller, or just started streaming the Disney+ series Turner & Hooch, in which she plays Brooke, Becca Tobin is taking over the collective pop culture. She’s also a steadfast skin-care lover—she says it’s her “favorite topic”—and a refreshingly honest voice in Hollywood about what she really gets done.

Treatment Tales: “I’m obsessed with skin care and I’m obsessed with treatments. I think I’ve tried everything under the sun as far as lasers, microneedling, and all of that goes. I tell everyone who will listen that microneedling, on a consistent basis, is the thing that really makes my skin the best. There’s something about it. There’s a treatment called Vivace that is microneedling with radiofrequency added to it. It gives my face a little extra ‘plump,’ and I’m a big fan of that.”

Point Perfect: “At the end of every summer, and we’re almost there, I usually do an IPL treatment on my face and chest. Even though I’m crazy about sunscreen, I still get the regular sun-damage and spots once the season ends. I also do a ton of acupuncture on my face. I do love the Botox, and I have gotten fillers, but I began seeing a big difference in the sculpting of my face once I started acupuncture—it sort of gets rid of the puffiness that you can get from eating and just living.”

Skin-Care Score: “As far as skin care goes, I use a lot of SkinCeuticals. Their products are just so amazing and I feel like the line makes such a difference—and you see very fast results from it. I use this other brand, Lemieux, which I discovered when I was working on Glee. They sent these big care packages to all of our makeup artists and they sent us home with all these products. It was my first foray into fancy face products!”

Mask Magic: “I normally scoff at crazy-priced things, but La Mer has a four-pack hydrating mask that is the most incredible hydrating mask for wintertime. I do it anytime I’m working, anytime I know that I’m going to be on camera and wearing loads of makeup the next day, and they honestly are a game-changer. Then, I take it off my face and I use whatever is left and I put it all-over my body. I’m a crazy person. I don’t know what is in that lotion, but it’s incredible. I also love Shani Darden…she has really great products.”

CBD Convert: “I have gotten more into CBD over the last couple of years, which probably has to do a little bit with the beauty of aging and having issues like not being able to sleep as well anymore. The Highline Wellness gummies with melatonin are amazing. I’ve been skeptical [about CBD] until I used those gummies. I would always be like, ‘Oh, is it placebo? Am I just sleeping better because of whatever?’ Then, I will pop one of those gummies at night and my husband will actually ask me, ‘Can you not have your gummies for an hour, so we can finish an episode of Ted Lasso?’ It completely knocks me out.”

Vitamin Pack: “I think COVID made me be more ‘aware’ of what I was needing to get more of—vitamin D and stuff like that—but I have been trying to take better care of myself this past year. Right now, I’m very into Boost Sweet Boost by HUM.”

Zen Moves: “My husband and I moved from Los Angeles to Austin this past year, and I think that I didn’t even realize, until I got here, how not relaxed I was…if that makes any sense. I’m just somebody who does what I need to do, and I don’t take major stock in. I’m not a meditation person—I get more anxious when I’m trying to meditate. I like to just go, go, go, go, go, and keeping busy makes me happy. But, when I got to Austin, life just got a little bit slower, and I feel like this weight has been lifted. I wake up every morning, I can take a beat, we have a nice big backyard, which we’ve never had in LA, and I just feel healthier. It’s a nice change of pace.”

Guest Book: “One of my favorite guests and interviews we just did was with Whitney Cummings. She did that movie The Female Brain and she’s heavily into into neuroscience and how that plays a big impact on mental health and our behaviors as humans. She came on and talked about codependency and toxic relationships and stuff that people, in general, have dealt with for centuries, but she really broke it down in a way that took the podcast and really elevated it so much. We talked conversations regarding fertility, and we’re going to get even more into the nitty-gritty on all of that moving forward. I’ve been on an IVF journey for what feels like a decade, but hoping to continue to share all that with listeners. We still love to just sit around and talk shit, for lack of a better word. Not about people, but about the world. We’re finding that, with the year-and-a-half we’ve had, it feels really great to have grounded conversations where we talk about real stuff.”

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