8 Signs You Are Wearing the Wrong Makeup

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From too much bronzer to a mismatched foundation shade, we’ve all been there. But you probably have a better chance of a complete stranger notifying you that there’s something stuck in your teeth than your best friend telling you it’s time to toss some of your makeup ways. Let these eight tips be your go-to guide.

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You’re sporting “the line.”

Some might consider this THE obvious sign that you are wearing the wrong makeup, but Lori Leib, Bodyography creative director and professional makeup artist, says she sees women wearing mismatched foundation every day. “The unsightly tell is the harsh line usually found along the jawline, where your foundation meets your neck. When checking out foundations, apply three different shades along your lower cheek (matching to your skin that shows). One other recommendation: Look in a mirror with daylight—it helps!”

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You look really pale in pictures…

Have you ever looked at photos of yourself and thought, “Wow I look so pale compared to my friends?” Leib says this is probably due to wearing the wrong shade of powder. “Many women go too light with their face powder and end up looking like a total ghost. Choose a translucent setting powder instead.”

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…Or you’re straddling the orange spectrum.

On the other hand, if looking at photos is prompting you to ask, “Why do I look so tan?,” you are probably wearing too much bronzer. “More specifically, you might be wearing too red of a bronzer,” Leib says. “Opt for a neutral tone with little to no shimmer.”

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Your formula isn’t flattering.

Skin type plays a big role in what products you should be wearing. “I see women all the time with very dry skin reapplying powder and oily skinned women applying cream highlighters to their cheeks! Stick to what will flatter your skin. If you have dry skin, use creamy, hydrating products and if you have oily skin, powders will be your best friend,” Leib says.

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You’re applying to the apple of your cheeks.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Global Artistic Director Achelle Dunaway says this is a mistake that is very common. “If you want the most natural flushed look, you should apply blush on the high cheekbones, starting from about the center of the eye and working back to the ear—not directly on the apples of your cheeks like so many people do.”

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Your eyeliner is too straight.

Dunaway says if you apply eyeliner down to the corner of the eye and straight out, it can make eyes look droopy and small. “Make sure to apply eyeliner just slightly above the outer corner of the eye and extend it in an upward and outward ‘flick’ to draw the eyes open.”

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You aren’t being frugal with your foundation.

Besides wearing the wrong shade of foundation, Romy Soleimani, beauty director at large for Beauty.com, says you might be applying an amount that’s too much. “There is no need to apply foundation to your entire face if you only need a bit of coverage around your nose and for the center of your face where you find the most redness.” Her tip: Use a soft applicator like a damp beautyBlender to gently dab the product into your skin, keeping foundation sheer and making it look as natural as possible.

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Your lip liner is darker than your lipstick.

Soleimani says lip liner should never be darker than the color of your lipstick. “Always pick a liner shade that matches the overall color you want your lips to be. The purpose of lip liner is to perfectly outline your lips without your lipstick feathering and spreading past your lip line. For longer-wear, apply lip liner to entire lip. Once you’ve applied liner and lipstick, gently use your finger to push the product into your lips. This will blend the liner and lipstick, making it look seamless. If you feel like you have excess liner or a harsh line, use a Q-tip to remove excess pigment.”

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