If minor smile imperfections are at the top of your must-fix list, then tooth bonding may be the right procedure for you. To conceal imperfections—like spacing, chips and even dark stains—your dentist can perform bonding, sculpting tooth-colored resin over the nooks and crannies of your teeth to give the appearance of a straighter, more balanced smile.

A conditioning solution is first applied over the surface of the enamel, roughening the outermost layer of your teeth to ensure a stronger bond. Priming your teeth helps to texturize them, preparing them so the composite clings more securely to the teeth. Your dentist will then sculpt layers of the material over your teeth as needed, setting it into place with a special light that hardens the plastic within seconds.

Your dentist can also lengthen the edges of teeth to correct a short smile or build out the back teeth to hold out the cheekbones, which creates the appearance of more chiseled bone structure. 

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