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Credited as one of 46 dentists in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry to hold the honorary distinction of Accredited Fellow, Dr. Sam S. Sadati is at the forefront of his field. It is his patients, however, that drive his desire to maintain leadership status in the industry. “We wanted to make a dental visit something patients could look forward to,” Dr. Sadati says. Luckily for his patients, he has accomplished just that. Aside f...

A smile is a window to countless opportunities.
Dr. Sam S. Sadati
Cosmetic Dentist
Wellington, Florida

Services Offered

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Restorative and Full-Mouth Reconstructive Dentistry
  • Invisalign®

A Minute With

With my family, seeing my girls grow up
Being able to achieve an Accredited Fellow status of the AACD in the shortest time
Fair, happy, gentle
Highest quality of dentistry with exceptional personal service
Treat others as you want to be treated
A positive attitude
That you should just let your own body naturally heal the infection in your mouth
Andrea Bocelli, Yanni, Sarah Brightman, Gypsy Kings
There will be advancement in growing teeth where there is a missing tooth
It enables me to change lives
The technology has been helping to advance the materials and the techniques exponentially

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Credited as one of 46 dentists in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry to hold the honorary distinction of Accredited Fellow, Dr. Sam S. Sadati is at the forefront of his field. It is his patients, however, that drive his desire to maintain leadership status in the industry. “We wanted to make a dental visit something patients could look forward to,” Dr. Sadati says. Luckily for his patients, he has accomplished just that. Aside from restoring smiles, the world renowned dentist advocates education as both a teacher and student. Dr. Sadati shares his extensive experience with fellow dentists as an adjunct professor for NOVA Southeastern University’s post-graduate operative department.

About My Practice:

In what ways is less more in your practice?

I see a limited number of patients each day so I can give them my undivided, unhurried attention.

What is your primary company philosophy?

We aim to be the best at what we do and provide patients with a service that will benefit them from clinical and beauty standpoints.

What should patients look for when choosing a dentist?

A great dentist is one that sees himself as doctor, artist and student. While any dentist can legally perform procedures, the best dentists will have top credentials, appreciation for this artistry and a continuous desire for further education.

How do you alleviate dental fear?

Dental fear most often begins with a bad experience. To alleviate anxiety, we treat patients as we would our closest friends or family members. New patients meet with me personally in our office consultation suite where examination chairs and dental tools are far from sight. Never rushing appointments or pushing treatments, it is obvious our office holds patient comfort as the highest of priorities. 

About Me:

What professional dental organizations are you affiliated with in addition to being an AACD accredited fellow?

I am a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry; a fellow of the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics; and a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Florida Dental Association and Palm Beach County Dental Association.

How important is patient satisfaction to you?

It’s the backbone of my practice. That’s probably why so many current and former patients are eager to speak with new clients and share details about their experience here.

What did you do to achieve accredited fellowship status from the AACD?

There’s a reason fewer than 50 dentists in the world have attained this status. For AACD accreditation, I submitted the required five clinical cases (of various dental cosmetic disciplines) and passed both an oral and a written examination. Then to achieve accredited fellow status, I presented an additional 50 clinical cases. In addition to the demonstration of both my clinical and aesthetic skills, achieving the fellowship required a great deal of self-discipline and willpower. 

What inspired you to become a dentist?

Pursuing a career that would challenge my technical ability as well as my creative talent was a requirement for me. The best of both worlds came together when I discovered dentistry, a profession demanding both scientific skill and inventive thinking. I consider myself lucky to be doing what I believe I was called to do. 

As a leader, how do you give back?

Selected as examiner and mentor for the AACD, I assist dentists looking to advance in skill and training. I also volunteer as an adjunct professor for NOVA Southeastern University, teaching postdoctoral clinical dentistry to fellow dentists. However, restoring the smiles of domestic violence victims through the Give Back a Smile Foundation is the most rewarding. With each smile transformed, I am reminded of why I chose this profession. 


Thank you Dr. Sadati for giving me a beautiful smile!

Patient: Susan

You and your staff are true professionals. The results are spectacular and it has been a life changing experience for me. My deepest gratitude.

My teeth are so beautiful and my smile is like a movie star!

Patient: Joy

Dear Dr Sadati, I was ashamed to talk and smile due to a life threatening incident that left my teeth broken and my jaw crushed. I was in pain constantly and couldn’t take it anymore. When I came to see you I had almost given up. You were kind, gentle and encouraging. Your staff was so caring and pampered me. They held my hand and took away my anxiety. Throughout the procedures I always felt comfortable and immediately after placing the temporaries the pain had stopped! I loved that you called me the night of the treatment to check on me. It made me feel so special. My teeth are so beautiful and my smile is like a movie star! The only problem I have now is that I can’t stop smiling! People stop me often to say what a beautiful smile and great teeth I have. With so much to be thankful for in my life, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the return of my true and beautiful smile. Thank you Dr Sadati for your expertise, time, and gentle care that you have given to me. It means so much and my confidence is shining through!

Overhaul smile makeover for me

Patient: Mason

For many years I neglected my dental health in part due to two main reasons: my extensive business engagements and travel schedule and due to the fact that I was not sure if anything could be done to my teeth. That was until I met Dr. Sadati and his wonderful staff in their extraordinary dental office setting. After his comprehensive examination and detailed explanation of the condition of my mouth and what was needed to be done in order to achieve my dream smile, I totally trusted his expertise and amazing ability to correct my problem. Being in the public eye and constantly photographed, I never felt comfortable smiling for the camera or just smiling at all. I never fully realized just how self-conscious I was of my teeth and how this has caused me to hold back smiles. Looking at the before and after pictures I still cannot believe the difference! People are always coming up and complimenting me on my new smile now. I am amazed of how good I feel & my smile look. I find myself smiling for no reason. My new smile has made a dramatic difference in my life! It is rare to find so much patience, compassion, intelligence and a deep love of beauty all in one person. I consider myself fortunate to have found Dr. Sadati who did an astonishing overhaul smile makeover for me.

Gone are the gaps, the chips and the stains.

Patient: Dom

Why did I wait so long to have this beautiful smile? I owe it all to you… You are dedicated to perfection, comfort and professionalism. Your credentials are top notch and I know that you worked very hard to be the best in aesthetic dentistry. My wonderful new teeth are the proof. You and your staff put my comfort first and the friendly atmosphere made the experience relaxing. I am so glad I made the decision to improve my smile, teeth and quality of life. Those old teeth weren’t getting any better and now I can enjoy these great teeth for the rest of my life. I deserve it. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Dr. Sadati

The right person for the job!

Patient: Wally

Dear Dr. Sadati, How can we ever thank you for the beautiful work you did on Wally and myself. Wally was a 42 year carpenter and had such pride in his work . When we found you and you had the same pride and compassion in everything you do we knew you were the right person for the job! My Wally is the handsome man I married 58 years ago with his new smile! Thanks a million, you are the best! With all the thanks in the world, God Bless You Dolores and Wally

My new smile is so natural

Patient: Aneth

I have always been self-conscious about my teeth and gums. I cannot believe what a difference the full mouth restoration and gum surgery made. My new smile is so natural that it is difficult for me and my family to remember how bad it was. I went recently to Africa to visit my family and all villagers were line-up not to see me but my beautiful smile. I now find myself smiling at ease all the time. Thank you Dr. Sadati for my beautiful smile!

A beautiful new smile

Patient: Wendy

I want to thank you for the wonderful results I have received from my recent visits to your office. Your precision and expertise in placing veneers on my upper teeth has produced a beautiful new smile! I now smile with more confidence than ever! You and your staff made this a wonderful experience, with out pain or regret. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends or family and feel free to use me as a reference for potential clients. Thanks again for such a great experience and producing such wonderful results.

My experience with Dr Sadati and his staff has been wonderful!

Patient: Beth

Before selecting Dr Sadati to do my full mouth restoration, I did extensive research on the internet and conducted consultations with four dentists. I chose Dr Sadati based on his experience, credentials, positive references from his patients, friendly and helpful staff, beautiful and clean office, and my intuitive sense. I had a good feeling about Dr Sadati’s approach to his craft and his gentle and caring treatment of me. I am very happy with my result. My mouth functions better than it has in many years and I look beautiful!

My new smile has made a dramatic difference in my life.

Patient: Devon

I never fully realized just how self-conscious I was of my teeth and how this caused me to hold back smiles. People are always complimenting me on my new smile. I cannot stop smiling. I am like a social butterfly. I am constantly talking because I am not ashamed anymore. There are no words to express my gratitude to you Dr. Sadati. You gave me this completeness about myself that no one could have ever given to me. I cannot stress how thankful I am for what you did for me and my new smile.

Thank you all for enriching my life

Patient: Dana

Dear Dr Sadati, I would like to take this opportunity to write this letter of thanks to a very special man and his devoted staff. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that EVERY patient in your practice is treated with the same dignity, respect, and professionalism. It is as though each of us were your only patient. What a special feeling! Your thoughtfulness and precision has resulted in the most beautiful, comfortable and most importantly, NATURAL smile that I could have ever wished for. Your efforts have resulted in total perfection and a deliriously happy patient! I will be forever grateful for your warmth, compassion and generosity of spirit during each step of the process. On many occasions you went well above and beyond what was specified in our agreement and you did so willingly and graciously. For that I thank you. It is also important for me to thank you and congratulate you on your magnificent staff. They clearly have been hand picked for their love of their professions as well as their impeccable references. My “personal” concierge, Noreen, sets the tone not only because she is adorable, patient, and helpful, but because she bakes the best freshly baked cookies in the world daily! Your lovely assistant Anette pampers each patient to the point that you feel like you are in a SPA instead of the dentist. She stayed totally focused on me as well as the procedure being performed, and met my needs so that I would never need to ask. Lastly, and certainly as important, is the world’s best and infinitely qualified hygienist, Cathy. She is unbelievably thorough, gentle, and informative. I have implemented several of Cathy’s suggestions into my daily oral hygiene program. The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry is indeed the consummate gold standard for which all dentists, as well as doctors, should strive. Thank you all for enriching my life personally as well as greatly enhancing it physically. I wish you all the success that you have so justly earned and deserve. With my warmest personal regards, Dana

Marjan F

Marjan F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Sadati for many years and especially appreciate the knowledge and skillfulness of the care I've received. His state of the art technology also caring and professionalism of his staff is outstanding.

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About Me

Smiles by Design

“Prior to any restorative work, I always consider the bite and the way teeth come together, coupled with the forces that the muscles exert on the jaw. You must satisfy the root cause when patients have TMJ problems, old restorations that need to be replaced and teeth that are worn or cracked,” says Dr. Sadati, who asserts that a successful cosmetic result is dependent on knowledge, skill and careful analysis of each patient’s mouth. “If the bite is off, or the gums are unhealthy or there is hidden decay, cosmetic work will fail. When underlying dental concerns are addressed prior to cosmetic treatment, we are able to promote proper oral hygiene and restore optimal dental health--the main goals behind my dental services.”

Aesthetic Enhancement

Dr. Sadati restored the missing enamel on this patient’s teeth using a combination of veneers and crowns, as well as gum contouring to make his teeth look bigger and longer 

Esthetic Distinction

“Using crowns, veneers and gum contouring, I was able to alter the size and color of this 26-year-old’s teeth, reducing sensitivity and improving the overall appearance of her smile,” says Dr. Sadati. 

Smile Transformation

This patient’s worn, discolored teeth were transformed with a smile makeover that included orthodontic alignment, placement of a dental implant, and crowns and veneers on her upper arch. 

Health and Beauty

Concerned with her teeth discoloration and multiple cavities, this 50-year-old patient needed a smile makeover. “We were able to restore the health and beauty of her smile with porcelain veneers,” Dr. Sadati says. 

Knowing No Bounds

For Dr. Sam S. Sadati, dentistry extends far beyond the examination chair. Aside from restoring smiles at the Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, the globally renowned dentist advocates education as both a teacher and student. Dr. Sadati shares his extensive experience with fellow dentists as an adjunct professor for NOVA Southeastern University’s Post-Graduate Operative department. He hopes to not only teach these dentists the very best techniques, but also to view life as an endless pursuit of knowledge. Honoring this philosophy, Dr. Sadati enrolls in continuing education as often as possible. With improved techniques and dental innovations emerging each day, Dr. Sadati is sure to keep himself and his staff up to date. “We should never believe we simply know it all,” he explains. “The more I do, the better I become.” 

Health and Beauty

“We were able to restore the health and beauty of this patient’s smile with a smile makeover that included a gum lift and a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns,” says Dr. Sadati.

Patient Partnership

When a patient enters The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, the dental chair is interestingly the last stop in the doctor patient relationship. Patients are first greeted by a friendly, engaging team member, who gives them a tour of the office. They are then directed to a plush consultation suite where they meet Dr. Sadati. "While in consultation, we review the patient's reasons for coming to see me, talking very candidly, so I can earn their confidence." From there, Dr. Sadati leads them to his photo studio, where they can preview hundreds of former cases. "I get to know my patients and learn what they're looking for." By the time patients are finally ready for treatment, Dr. Sadati knows exactly where to go with each case. "I treat based on the patient's needs, not on what insurance policies or outside parties determine. When you're here, it's your call--no one else's."

Education & Credentials



  • Creighton University School of Dentistry

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Q. Can a smile makeover help me look younger?

What our experts say:

As we mature, our teeth undergo a great deal of wear and tear, adding years to our face. An aged smile often has a flattened chewing surface and a thick, yellow tone. Signs of aging are especially noticeable for those who have had previous work such as tooth restoration and crowns. Changing these to new restorations and/or veneers, however, make the teeth appear whiter. It can also restore the original contour or length that often will enhance the lips as well. Sometimes all you need to return youth to your face is to improve your smile.

Q. How can tooth contouring change my smile?

What our experts say:

For those with no serious dental issues but a desire for more refined teeth, contouring can improve the overall appearance of the smile. In more extreme cases, however, your dentist will likely pair contouring with direct restorations such as veneers or composite bonding. This will enhance your smile entirely, from closing spaces and fixing chips to giving the appearance of straighter teeth.

Q. What's the difference between implants and veneers?

What our experts say:

A veneer acts as a covering to already existing teeth and is meant to improve the tooth’s appearance. Veneers are typically made from a thin material (such as porcelain) and are bonded (glued) to the tooth’s exterior. The veneers are created with the intention of restoring the patient’s natural smile and improving the appearance by correcting imperfections. 

On the other hand, a dental implant is an artificial tooth. Implants are for those whose teeth have fallen out or those that require complete removal due to illness. Implants are placed inside the bone as an artificial root and then covered with a what’s known as a crown. Dental implants would not be administered if the patient only needed surface improvements, such as veneers, and the teeth were in relatively good shape.

Q. What is the most effective way for teeth whitening? How long does it take?

What our experts say:

It all depends on the teeth. If the teeth are restored with fillings or crowns and the restorations are dark, whitening or bleaching will not help because they don’t work on anything that’s not natural. In that case, we can fix the problem with a whiter restoration such as veneers, crowns or whiter fillings. But if the natural teeth are discolored or yellow, then the bleaching could be a way to whiten them. There are over-the-counter products and in-office or take-home treatments for teeth whitening; several options that need to be discussed with the dentist.

Q. Are there foods to avoid when whitening the teeth?

What our experts say:

Obviously it is best to avoid any food that can stain a white shirt but the reality is that all of the food and drinks that we consume have color and therefore can affect the outcome of our whitening effort, but, of course, we need to eat. The best recommendation I can give to those people who whiten their teeth and are concerned about what foods to avoid is that during their whitening period, it is best to reduce consumption of staining food, drinks and smoking as much as possible and to brush and rinse the teeth immediately after the consumption of such foods or smoking.

Q. Can a gum lift erase my gummy smile and how much will it hurt?

What our experts say:

With the use of laser technology, the discomfort and possible pain is reduced tremendously. There are new technologies, machines and techniques that allow us to perform many dental procedures better, more efficient and more comfortable than before.

Q. Can veneers be replaced?

What our experts say:

Yes, veneers can be replaced.  Many times the gum recedes and creates a gap between the edge of the veneer and the gum line.  The veneer can be removed and the tooth can be prepared to the gum line and a new veneer can be made to cover what was showing before.