Top Doctors Reveal the Cosmetic Procedures Their Friends and Family Always Ask About

Top Doctors Reveal the Cosmetic Procedures Their Friends and Family Always Ask About featured image
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We have our own (very long) list of queries we love asking all-knowing doctors whenever we visit them, but what about those who have unlimited access to their brilliant minds? Their most pressing questions—many of which we’d love to ask ourselves—below.

“My friends are always asking me about Ultherapy. They want to achieve facial and neck tightening without surgery so they can pursue their daily activities without concerns related to recovery or appearing unnatural.” –Washington D.C. dermatologist Tina Alster, MD

“My friends and family ask me about botulinum toxins because they want to see a difference in their wrinkles. They’re also curious about fillers and ‘liquid facelifts.’” –West Palm Beach, FL dermatologist Kenneth R. Beer, MD

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“I’m mainly asked about breast augmentation because my friends know it is one of the most common procedures I perform. Their questions are generally about recovery or how I increase the size of the breasts in a very natural, proportional way.” ­­–Grand Rapids, MI plastic surgeon Bradley Bengtson, MD

“Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to the scalp. Ideally, at least three treatments—one every six weeks—should be done, followed by maintenance treatments. This pairs well with marine-based hair supplements like Viviscal and Nutrafol.” ­– Scottsdale, AZ facial plastic surgeon Kelly Bomer, MD

“I am getting more and more questions about whether platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections really work to regrow hair (they do!). I also get asked about Emsculpt, a muscle stimulator that burns fat and redefines muscles, especially in the abdomen and buttocks.” ­–Eagan, MN dermatologist Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD

“Right now the hottest procedure I am being asked about is Emsculpt. What was once pure fantasy—nonsurgically and effortlessly donning six-pack abs or firming the derrière without the time, energy or sweat needed to pound it out—is now a reality.” –Chicago facial plastic surgeon Steve Dayan, MD

“One procedure all of my friends ask me about is the IntraGen skin-tightening device. People want a natural way to tighten their lower face, jawline and neck without doing an invasive procedure. IntraGen works on all skin types, males and females, and has no downtime.” –Montclair, NJ dermatologist Jeanine B. Downie, MD

“I get questions like, ‘When is the right time to get my eyes done?’ The answer—although somewhat vague—is that it depends on many factors, including what your concerns are and what you expect from a particular procedure. The solutions can vary.” –Boca Raton, FL oculoplastic surgeon Steven FagienMD

“Many of my friends ask about laser resurfacing. They really want to see improvement, particularly in the etched-lines around their mouth, as well as around their eyes, but they are concerned about the downtime. Laser resurfacing is really the right tool for the job!” –Denver dermatologist Joel L. Cohen, MD

“Porcelain veneers. There is still confusion about whether to get crowns, veneers or bleaching to achieve a whiter smile. My advice is to do the most conservative treatment possible and make sure your dentist provides alternatives.” –Atlanta cosmetic dentist Ronald Goldstein, DDS

“Emsculpt. It is the first device in the space that actually builds muscle. It utilizes high-energy electromagnetic energy to cause muscle contractions, which results in muscle growth in the abs and glutes, as well as fat reduction.” –Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Sanjay Grover, MD

“When friends and patients ask what they can do to appear more alert and generally happier, I suggest an endoscopic temporal lift as a minimally invasive solution to reversing the droop around the eyes and brow that can make them appear tired or angry.” –New York City facial plastic surgeon Andrew Jacono, MD

“Because I am known to have helped develop the ‘2.0’ version of thread lifting, it is by far the most common procedure I’m asked about. I perform facelifts also, so friends want to know how the two compare.” –Chicago plastic surgeon Julius W. Few, MD

Blepharoplasties. The surgery has evolved into an individually customized procedure that can help smooth the lower eyelid– cheek area. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty can also include a small lifting of the eyebrows.” –Eugene, OR plastic surgeon Mark L. Jewell, MD

“Everyone always wants to know about veneers!” –Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Laurence R. Rifkin, DDS

“I’m constantly asked about facelifts and CoolSculpting. My friends are curious about how CoolSculpting works and sometimes worry that their results may not end up how they’d imagined, but we’ve never had such an effective fat-removal device!” –Park City Utah plastic surgeon Renato SaltzMD

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