Nonablative Fractional Resurfacing

A nonablative laser treatment, Fraxel re: store is a less invasive alternative to traditional resurfacing, through a series of treatments to reduce downtime and risk. “The caveat is, you need multiple treatments to see the improvement,” explains New York, NY Dermatologist, Dr. Heidi Waldorf. Fractional resurfacing allows for skin-surface improvement with minimal risk and little downtime because each treatment creates thousands of microscopic wounds while leaving the surrounding skin intact. Over a series of office visits, the treatments resurface the entire face, improving fine lines, sunspots and other discoloration. They’re ideal for those who have less time to be out of commission. Treatment feels like multiple pin pricks, and topical anesthetics and cooling agents are used.

Here’s how it works:  As the tiny wounds heal, fresher skin emerges. After two or three treatments over a six-month period, spots and fine lines will fade away. The skin will look smooth and retextured. (Many doctors use this on sun-damaged, blotchy chests, as well.) Downtime associated with Fraxel is limited; your hands might look a little sunburned for two to five days.

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