You’ll Never Guess the Age That Eva Longoria Suddenly Got a “Full Head of Gray Hair”

For most of us, it’s easy to remember the day we spotted our first gray hair. Once you hit your mid-30s, you probably only noticed a tiny gathering of grays along your hairline, indicating that you still have a long road before becoming completely salt-and-pepper. However, while that may describe most people's experience with going gray, it's certainly not the case for everyone—celebrities included. 

Actress Eva Longoria recently opened up to Us Magazine’s Stylecrush Q&A and revealed that she went gray by 18 years old. “Oh, gosh. I've had a full head of gray hair, since I was, like, 18,” she said.

Unsure how to handle the grays and desperate to cover up her silver roots in between color services, Longoria turned to makeup for a quick fix. “[To cover my roots] I used to use those mascaras, and it would leave your hair sticky. Then I would use my black eye shadow, and it would come off when the wind blows."

Now, Longoria, 41, swears by a much more reliable technique for covering up grays: “This root cover-up [by L’Oréal—Longoria is a spokesmodel for the brand] allows that [fix] because it’s a spray, and it sprays out like a powder, almost like a dry shampoo. It’s not sticky, it’s not wet, it’s not residue-y,” she explains. “It washes out when you wash your hair. But it’s great; it has a lot of coverage.”

Luckily for Longoria (and the rest of us who struggle keeping up with dye jobs), the L’Oréal Root Cover Up Temporary Gray Concealer Spray is only $11 and is available at all drugstores, making it easily accessible for anyone who’s having a premature graying moment just like Longoria.

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